The Whiskystats Price Update for January 2020

14. February 2020 | 658 Views

Hanyu and Karuizawa swap places, again. Our Islay index gained strongly while Speyside keeps struggling and some old Springbanks reappeared on the market. Here is our first Price Update of the decade! 


The Whiskystats Annual Report of 2019 (I/II)

4. February 2020 | 661 Views | 2 Comments

In our 2019 report we document a whisky auction market which continued its strong growth in size. We also find out in what sense the market moved away from Chile and even surpassed South Africa. Here is the first part of our Whiskystats Annual Report of 2019! 

MonthlyUpdate_047 MONTHLY UPDATE

The Whiskystats Price Update for December 2019

21. January 2020 | 1K Views

The last round of auctions of 2019 is history. Karuizawa and Hanyu swap places in our distillery ranking while the overall market continues to stumble side wards. Here is our last monthly price update of the decade! 


The Data Quality Initiative

6. January 2020 | 425 Views | 4 Comments

Data quality is of course key to a data driven project like Whiskystats. This is why we eased the process for you to give feedback and thereby increase the accuracy of the Whiskystats database. We call this the Data Quality Initiative and we invite you to participate in! 

compass_box PORTRAITS

The Whiskystats Portrait of Compass Box

24. December 2019 | 674 Views | 2 Comments

Compass Box is one of the most exciting whisky blenders on the market. High quality, limited releases combined with maximum transparency gained some attention from the otherwise single malt oriented collectors. Here is our portrait of Compass Box! 

MonthlyUpdate_046 MONTHLY UPDATE

The Whiskystats Price Update for November 2019

13. December 2019 | 1.3K Views | 2 Comments

Hanyu drops down after six months of extraordinary growth. The Whiskystats Whisky Index loses again, but only slightly. Port Ellen struggles too, and we revisit the Game of Thrones releases. Here is our price update for November 2019!