Call for Bourbons

11. October 2018 | 146 Views | 6 Postings

As announced we will soon start tracking Bourbon whiskeys too! To do so we of course need to know what to track. So we invite you to tell us the Bourbon distilleries and brands we definitely should cover! 

MonthlyUpdate_031 MONTHLY UPDATE

The Whiskystats Price Update for Summer 2018

4. October 2018 | 493 Views

Japanese single malts are ready for take-off again. Prices for collectable Macallans continue to rise after a short setback and our Rosebank index reached a new all-time peak. Here is an update on what you might have missed during the last months! 

whiskystats_indices MARKET ANALYSIS

The Whiskystats Indices

22. September 2018 | 437 Views

Our indices give us an overview of the major movements of the secondary whisky market. To get the most out of them it is important to know how they work and what they describe. Here is the introduction to our (new) Whiskystats indices! 


Our New Whisky Database

11. September 2018 | 503 Views

The new database is online! It is not only bigger and more precise than the old one but gives us the technical foundation we need for the great things to come. But first things first, here is the introduction to our new database.. 

almost_done GENERAL

The New Database is Ready

31. August 2018 | 233 Views | 3 Postings

After long long months our new whisky database is finally ready. We are now migrating your collections and whisky images. As soon as we processed the latest auction results of this weekend the new database will go online next week. 


Whiskystats 2.0 Developer Update

20. July 2018 | 491 Views

As most of you know we are currently in the process of completely rebuilding our whisky database. This is why there are no new monthly price udpates at the moment. The work is doing good progress and we hereby want to give you a quick update.