The Malt Maniacs and the Secondary Whisky Market

28. November 2016 | 187 Views | 2 Postings

The Whiskystats data-kraken reaches out for the Malt Maniacs Monitor. For the first time we combine whisky ratings with the latest auction results on a larger scale. So do the Malt Maniac ratings influence the market prices? 

monthlyupdate_014 MONTHLY UPDATE

The Whiskystats Price Update for October 2016

15. November 2016 | 269 Views

We are heading towards that time of the year in which the secondary whisky market is the most active. Some Feis Ile bottlings dominated this round of auctions in terms of traded bottles, while a 12yo Speyburn continues to achieve astonishing prices. 


Pricing Whisky

4. November 2016 | 468 Views | 2 Postings

We finally use the full power of our database to put some market conform price tags on whiskies we do not track yet. This is the first time we let our Whiskystats Price Model off the leash! 


Customize Your Collections

23. October 2016 | 378 Views

This is the next step for the Whiskystats project! By letting you define your custom buy and sell prices we move closer to your collector´s reality. For the same reason, we now let you manage up to seven different personal collections. 

whiskystatsindices TECHNICAL INSIGHTS

The Whiskystats Indices

16. October 2016 | 411 Views

We here want to explain how we calculate our indices, why we decided to do so and what other options there might be. This should give you the possibility to fully understand and correctly interpret the results we come up with. 

monthlyupdate013 MONTHLY UPDATE

The Whiskystats Price Update for September 2016

7. October 2016 | 573 Views

Summertime is officially over as the latest auction results come in. Our overall whisky index performed a stunt which we need to explain and some Highland whiskies significantly lost in value. Here is the price update for September 2016.