We do Bourbons (and some Rye)

7. December 2018 | 605 Views

We finally reach across the big pond as we now start tracking secondary market prices for Bourbon whiskeys. The number of trades is steadily increasing while prices not always did. Here is our introduction of Bourbons (and some Rye)! 

MonthlyUpdate_033 MONTHLY UPDATE

The Whiskystats Price Update for October 2018

16. November 2018 | 663 Views | 2 Postings

The latest round of auctions was record-breaking in many ways. In addition Brora and Clynelish attract some attention while Campbeltown is closing the gap.This is the Whiskystats price update for October 2018! 

call_blends GENERAL

Call for Blends

1. November 2018 | 274 Views | 10 Postings

On Whiskystats we will soon start to track price observations for blended whiskies too. We hereby invite you to tell us which brands are not to be missed. This is the call for blended whisky brands! 


The Whiskystats Price Update for September 2018

19. October 2018 | 1.4K Views

The Black Bowmore Final Edition is bouncing around impacting our Bowmore and Fab50 indices. The overall market seems to stabilize after its mid 2018 hickup. Here is our price update for September 2018! 

call_for_bourbon GENERAL

Call for Bourbons

11. October 2018 | 310 Views | 10 Postings

As announced we will soon start tracking Bourbon whiskeys too! To do so we of course need to know what to track. So we invite you to tell us the Bourbon distilleries and brands we definitely should cover! 

MonthlyUpdate_031 MONTHLY UPDATE

The Whiskystats Price Update for Summer 2018

4. October 2018 | 882 Views

Japanese single malts are ready for take-off again. Prices for collectable Macallans continue to rise after a short setback and our Rosebank index reached a new all-time peak. Here is an update on what you might have missed during the last months!