About Whiskystats

Welcome to Whiskystats.net - a blog and data portal dedicated to analyse the secondary whisky market.

My name is Johannes Moosbrugger and over the last couple of years the Whiskystats project became a central part of my life. In early 2015 I started wondering how the value of the whisky bottles in my shelf changed in time. While there are hundreds of blogs and websites centered around the taste of whisky, I found only few resources which (if at all) cover the technical analysis of historic prices.

From Local to Global

So I started collecting whisky price information. While I have to admit that mapping two or more auction results with different descriptions to the same bottle is tricky, it soon became clear that the collected data would provide some interesting insights. It then dawned on me that maybe other people are interested in these insights too, so I decided to start writing about my results.

Your Access to the Database

In order to make my results more trustworthy, I soon moved on and provided other people access to my database. To add another layer of interaction between the user and the data I also introduced the toolbox. It provides the you with a basic set of analysing tools which I plan to expand on a regular basis.

I hope you enjoy yourself on Whiskystats.net. I highly appreciate any sorts of comments and ideas on how to improve the Whiskystats experience further. Just contact me via the below channels!

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