Auctioneer Comparison

3. November 2020 | 2.9K Views | 1 Posting

Today we compare the whisky auctioneers we track. Where are the most bottles sold? What whiskies are traded where? How did the prices change on different platforms? Here is the Whiskystats Auctioneer Comparison! 


The Whiskystats Price Update for September 2020

15. October 2020 | 5.1K Views

Again our major market indices did not move at all. The Macallan Edition No.6 appeared on the market and all bottles of a Jura cask were sold on one single auction. Here is the Price Update for September 2020. 


Whisky Market Breadth

24. September 2020 | 2K Views | 3 Postings

The prices for collectable whisky keep on rising. But for how many whiskies is this actually true? Is the market driven by just a few rare releases or does every bottle of whisky gain value? The whisky market breadth will give us some answers! 


The Whiskystats Price Update for August 2020

17. September 2020 | 2K Views

Our Fabulous Fifty collection fabulously retains its value, but that’s about it. Meanwhile, Buffalo Trace battles Macallan when it comes to the most traded bottles. Here is the Price Update for August 2020! 


The Whiskystats Roadmap

21. August 2020 | 1.3K Views

To better communicate on what we currently work on and what the next updates to Whiskystats will bring, we set up a public roadmap for our project. Tell us which ideas you like and help us improve the others.  


The Whiskystats Price Update for July 2020

13. August 2020 | 2.2K Views

Port Ellen continues its comeback and pushes the Islay region along. Rosebank is flying high too while the 20yo Lagavulin Feis Ile 2020 release is flooding the market. Here is the Price Update for July 2020!