Collectable Whisky

21. June 2020 | 14.3K Views

What defines collectable whisky? Why do some bottles increase in value while others retain a constant price? This is a small beginner’s guideline to the secondary whisky market and how to identify collectable whisky. 


Shape Your Insidership (Final Result)

20. May 2020 | 1.7K Views | 2 Postings

Many requests reached us to make our premium Insidership more accessible with regard to pricing. We now came up with three possible solutions and want you to choose your favorite option in this poll! 


The Whiskystats Credits

22. April 2020 | 2.1K Views | 3 Postings

You can now earn Credits which you can then use to get a discount on our Insidership. You help us improve our whisky database, and we help you to make the most out of it. Here is how it works! 


The Insidership Free Trial

4. April 2020 | 2K Views

We are in the process of launching the Whiskystats Insidership. You can now experience this premium membership level 30 days free of charge. Use the full potential of our database and let us know what you think about being an Insider! 


Whisky Database Milestone

15. March 2020 | 2.4K Views

With the latest database update we now count more than 60 thousand bottles of whisky in our database. Together with the almost 700 thousand price observations this data enables you and us to draw a detailed picture of the secondary whisky market like no else. 


The Data Quality Initiative

6. January 2020 | 1.6K Views | 6 Postings

Data quality is of course key to a data driven project like Whiskystats. This is why we eased the process for you to give feedback and thereby increase the accuracy of the Whiskystats database. We call this the Data Quality Initiative and we invite you to participate in!