Stay connected to Whiskystats

9. September 2019 | 710 Views

As the whisky market is ever-changing, staying up-to-date can be a challenging task. For this reason, we now rebooted our social media channels. In regular postings, we inform you about interesting shop offers, recent trades and of course the latest market movements! 


The Whiskystats Shop Monitor

8. August 2019 | 1.3K Views | 5 Postings

The number of whiskies available online is ever-increasing and digital price-tags are changing rapidly too. By evaluating those shop prices under current secondary market conditions we provide to you a very rational approach for identifying the best offers. 


Smart Whisky Shopping

20. June 2019 | 1.5K Views | 5 Postings

We started to evaluate whisky shop prices. Which whisky is cheap compared to what it could be worth on the secondary market? Which are the whiskies with price tags that are just over the top? Let us introduce to you the Whiskystats way of shopping whisky. 


The Whisky Pricing Machine

4. May 2019 | 1.3K Views | 3 Postings

There is no question about it, it is the market that defines the prices. As the major market observer we now translate market data back into price estimations. We are proud to introduce to you the Whiskystats Whisky Pricing Machine! 


Three Years of Whiskystats

30. December 2018 | 1.4K Views | 2 Postings

It has been more than three years now since our whisky database went online for the first time. And like whisky itself, Whiskystats continues to mature over time. Here is a small recap of the current state and what is about to come! 


Call for Blends

1. November 2018 | 894 Views | 10 Postings

On Whiskystats we will soon start to track price observations for blended whiskies too. We hereby invite you to tell us which brands are not to be missed. This is the call for blended whisky brands!