Delayed December 2017 Price Update

13. January 2018 | 1.4K Views

The price update for December 2017 will be delayed by a couple of weeks. The reason is quite simple, we are on holidays. We should be back at the end of January, or early February. 


Two Years of Whiskystats

7. December 2017 | 1.1K Views | 2 Postings

Our Whiskystats database is online for more than two years now. Wow! We thought this is a good occasion to give you some updates on the project, where it came from and where it might be going. 


Upload Your Whisky Images

5. October 2017 | 1.3K Views | 5 Postings

It is finally here, the new Whiskystats feature. You can now upload images of your whisky bottles to our database. Start sharing your pictures with the Whiskystats community!


The Whisky Auction Market by May 2017

31. May 2017 | 1.8K Views

It is time to bring us all on the same page about the current state of the secondary whisky market. While the market as a whole continues to grow and prosper, we observed some significant changes in its composition over the last couple of months. 


The Whiskystats Fabulous Fifty

8. May 2017 | 1.9K Views | 2 Postings

Thanks to the Whiskystats community we narrowed down the 50 most iconic and sought after bottles which are regularly traded on the secondary whisky market. These precious selection shall form our new Fab50 index which we hereby want to officially introduce to you!


Call for the Fabulous Fifty

25. April 2017 | 2.1K Views | 17 Postings

We plan to set up a new index which shall represent the most outstanding single malts on the market. This index will be called the “Whiskystats Fabulous Fifty” and we invite you to name us your All-Star picks which should be included!