The Whiskystats Android App

17. July 2016 | 2.3K Views | 3 Postings

We are thrilled to announce that the Whiskystats Android App is now available on Google Play! This enables all members a more comfortable way to access our whisky database and check the latest prices from their Android devices. And it is free! 


Bowmore and the French Perfume

4. June 2016 | 3.8K Views

In our recent Bowmore Portrait we dropped the hashtag #fwp as a reference to one of the many interesting stories that could be told from this distilleries history. To clarify things, we want to explain what is hidden behind fwp. 


Frequently Asked Questions about Whiskystats

19. March 2016 | 4.7K Views

As more and more people stumble upon whiskystats, more and more questions about our database pop up. It sure took us some time, but finally we hereby want to answer some frequently ask questions about our project. 


The Rare Whisky 101 – Whiskystats Face-Off

7. February 2016 | 5.2K Views | 4 Postings

It is about time to determine the position of our whisky database. That is why we hereby compare our data to those of Rare Whisky 101, another quantitative observer of the secondary whisky market. Simultaneaously, this is a round-up of the year 2015. 


What the Whisky World thinks about the Japanese Whisky Boom

20. January 2016 | 4.6K Views

By analysing the whisky auction prices of the last decade, we identified a massive price explosion of japanese whiskies over the past three years. As our figures tell only half the story, we asked some true whisky enthusiasts for their opinions on our observations.  


Auction Report: Whisky Auction’s January Auction

13. January 2016 | 3K Views

To support the first ever whisky auction live podcast, we used the whiskystats database to predict the prices for some lots of the most recent Whisky Auction‘s online auction. The hammer fell last Saturday (9th of January 2016), so now it is time to compare our predictions with the actually achieved prices.