Add Custom Bottles to Your Collections

16. December 2016 | 5.2K Views | 29 Postings

You now have the possibility to add bottles to your personal collections which are not yet included in the Whiskystats database. This article explains how to create these custom bottles and how to manage them. 


Import Your Collection to Whiskystats

3. April 2016 | 9.2K Views | 4 Postings

Starting to track the value of your whisky collection now got even more comfortable. Our new import functionality offers the possibility to load your collection directly to whiskystats. This is the tutorial on how to use this new feature. 


Learn how to Search the Whiskystats Database

12. October 2015 | 6.3K Views | 39 Postings

Information is worth nothing if you cannot find it, and with thousands of bottles and tens of thousands of prices in our database you are likely to get lost. This is why in this article we want to show you how to efficiently browse the whiskystats database. 


Track the value of your Whiskies on Whiskystats

19. September 2015 | 5.7K Views | 5 Postings

As a member of you cannot only browse our database for single bottle price-evolutions but create your very own personal collection. In this article we will show you how to manage and keep track of the value of your whiskies. 


Your first steps as a Whiskystats-Member

16. September 2015 | 4.1K Views

By being a Member of Whiskystats you gain access to our Whisky Database and various tools to analyse the secondary whiskymarket. In this article we will guide you through your first steps as a Whiskystats-Member.