Market Analysis


Auctioneer Comparison

3. November 2020 | 1.6K Views | 1 Posting

Today we compare the whisky auctioneers we track. Where are the most bottles sold? What whiskies are traded where? How did the prices change on different platforms? Here is the Whiskystats Auctioneer Comparison! 


Whisky Market Breadth

24. September 2020 | 1.4K Views | 3 Postings

The prices for collectable whisky keep on rising. But for how many whiskies is this actually true? Is the market driven by just a few rare releases or does every bottle of whisky gain value? The whisky market breadth will give us some answers! 


Highest Gaining Scotch Whiskies II/II

30. July 2020 | 3.2K Views

We continue our countdown of the highest gaining scotch whiskies on the market. Will Compass Box and Macallan continue to dominate? Here come the places five to one of the best performing whiskies from Scotland! 


Highest Gaining Scotch Whiskies I/II

8. June 2020 | 2.5K Views

Today we count down those scotch whiskies which realized the highest gains in value on the secondary market. From Islay to Speyside, from Orkney to the Lowlands, here come the places ten to six of the best performing whiskies of Scotland! 


The Most Collected Whiskies

27. March 2020 | 6.1K Views

In this article we count down the ten most collected whiskies on Whiskystats. You won’t believe which releases made it to the top! Or maybe you do, because some of them are quite obvious. 


The Whiskystats Annual Report of 2019 (II/II)

28. February 2020 | 2.9K Views

The second half of 2019 saw many segments of the secondary whisky market struggling. Hanyu is dominating the scene while Japanese whiskies continue to outperform their Scottish counterparts. Here is the second part of our Whiskystats Annual Report of 2019!