Market Analysis


The Whiskystats Annual Report of 2018 (II/II)

25. March 2019 | 2.3K Views

Japan was again the top-performing whisky region on the secondary market. Prices for Port Ellen stood still while the Macallan price rally came to a full stop. Here is the second part of our round-up for the year that was. 


The Whiskystats Annual Report of 2018 (I/II)

5. March 2019 | 2.1K Views

Name any measure and chances are high the whisky auction market of 2018 broke the record. More bottles traded, more money spent. Prices are increasing too, especially for the most rare and collectable releases. 


We do Blends

22. February 2019 | 1.4K Views

Blended whiskies like Hibiki, Compass Box and Johnnie Walker are now tracked by Whiskystats. The secondary market for these brands is growing strongly too. Here is our introduction of blends! 


We do Bourbons (and some Rye)

7. December 2018 | 2.4K Views

We finally reach across the big pond as we now start tracking secondary market prices for Bourbon whiskeys. The number of trades is steadily increasing while prices not always did. Here is our introduction of Bourbons (and some Rye)! 


The Whiskystats Indices

22. September 2018 | 1.6K Views

Our indices give us an overview of the major movements of the secondary whisky market. To get the most out of them it is important to know how they work and what they describe. Here is the introduction to our (new) Whiskystats indices! 


The Whiskystats Annual Report of 2017 (II/II)

30. March 2018 | 2.2K Views

Macallan dominated the whisky auction year of 2017 in every aspect. Highland Park became the third most traded single malt distillery. Prices for japanese single malts stabilized again. This is the second part of our annual report for 2017