Market Analysis


The Whiskystats Bottler Indices

2. November 2015 | 2.5K Views

We did it for the distilleries, we did it for the regions. This time we do it for the bottlers, the companies that buy the barrels and fill the whisky into the bottles we intend to buy. Here are the bottler indices. 


The Whiskystats Distillery Indices

20. October 2015 | 2.8K Views

Indices help us to compare different parts of the market. This is why we want to introduce the whiskystats distillery indices, a representation of the price evolution of the most traded bottles by distillery. 


A Comparison of the Scotch-Whisky producing Regions

23. September 2015 | 2.9K Views

We start our analysis of the secondary whisky-market by comparing the scotch-whisky regions. As each region has its own environmental character which it passes to its whiskies, we expect to see differences in the market demand.