Market Analysis


Original versus Independent Bottlings

20. June 2016 | 5.3K Views

This time we have a closer look at the bottlers of our precious single malts. In particular we want to compare independent bottlings and those which were originally bottled by the distillery itself. Does the bottler affect the secondary whisky market prices? 


The Most Unlimited Limited Editions

15. May 2016 | 7.8K Views | 3 Postings

We take a closer look at limited editions. What does it really mean? How many bottles of a “limited” edition whisky can there be? Does the number of existing bottles affect the price? Many questions, and we sure found some answers. 


We introduce Whi-Whi, the Whisky Collecting Monkey

21. April 2016 | 5.6K Views

Did you ever asked yourself what a monkey would experience if he started collecting whisky? If your answer is yes, we finally have you covered. If your answer is no, you may be still interested in what we found out! 


The New Age of NAS

26. February 2016 | 5.4K Views

Many words have been said and many lines have been written about No-age-statement whisky. In this article, we don’t want to discuss the pros and cons of whiskies without an age-statement. In this article, we have a look at how the prices of these whiskies evolved on the secondary market. 


The Capacity of the Whisky Producers

18. December 2015 | 10.4K Views

By observing the whisky auction prices, we can determine the most wanted whisky regions and distilleries. As a first attempt to source differences in prices we now want to compare the production capacities and put them in relation to the whiskystats index values. 


The Japanese Whisky Boom

10. December 2015 | 7.1K Views

Few trends have dominated the secondary whisky market as the boom of japanese whiskies did. While the gold rush seems to be over (or is it?), we wonder in which direction the nippon trend will evolve. That said, it is about time to add japanese whiskies to our database!