The Hanyu Playing Card Series

30. September 2016 | 2.3K Views

The poker card series from Hanyu is the embodiment of the japanese whisky boom which we witnessed over the last two years. Prices went berserk and made this series one of the most exclusive and most expensive whisky experiences money can buy. 


Feis Ile Bottlings

19. September 2016 | 3.3K Views

Each year thousands of people pilger to the Isle of Islay to celebrate the music and the malt alike. The local distilleries use this gathering as a reason to issue limited Feis Ile bottlings, which immediately get auctioned. 


The Whiskystats Portrait of Cadenhead

28. June 2016 | 2.2K Views

In this iteration of our portraits series we take on the oldest independent scottish bottler. Cadenhead was founded back in 1842, but it’s not only the long history which makes it worth having a closer look at the Cadenhead bottlings circulating on the secondary market. 


The Whiskystats Portrait of Bowmore

26. May 2016 | 3K Views

We take a closer look at Bowmore, one of the oldest working distilleries in Scotland. We, of course, focus on the secondary market performances of this distillerie┬┤s products and point out some remarkable single malt whiskies. 


The Whiskystats Portrait of The Old Malt Cask

7. March 2016 | 3.6K Views

It is time for the second iteration of our Whiskystats Portraits. This time, The Old Malt Cask range is the subject of investigation. Hence, this is a secondary market analysis of a single bottling series. 


The Whiskystats Portrait of Brora

17. November 2015 | 4.4K Views | 2 Postings

With this article we introduce a new category to our board, the Whiskystats Portraits. Here we have a closer look at single segments of the market. Starting off this new series is Brora, an already closed distillery from the northern highlands.