The Whiskystats Portrait of Bowmore

26. May 2016 | 4.9K Views

We take a closer look at Bowmore, one of the oldest working distilleries in Scotland. We, of course, focus on the secondary market performances of this distillerie┬┤s products and point out some remarkable single malt whiskies. 


The Whiskystats Portrait of The Old Malt Cask

7. March 2016 | 5.4K Views

It is time for the second iteration of our Whiskystats Portraits. This time, The Old Malt Cask range is the subject of investigation. Hence, this is a secondary market analysis of a single bottling series. 


The Whiskystats Portrait of Brora

17. November 2015 | 6K Views | 2 Postings

With this article we introduce a new category to our board, the Whiskystats Portraits. Here we have a closer look at single segments of the market. Starting off this new series is Brora, an already closed distillery from the northern highlands.