Technical Insights


Yes We Smooth

12. June 2017 | 282 Views

We added a new functionality to our visualization of historic prices. You can now choose whether or not you want the graphs to be smoothed. So smooth it or not, that is the question! 


The Whiskystats Indices

16. October 2016 | 1.2K Views

We here want to explain how we calculate our indices, why we decided to do so and what other options there might be. This should give you the possibility to fully understand and correctly interpret the results we come up with. 


About the Whiskystats-Indices

26. September 2015 | 2K Views

We use them to track the value of our collections or assess the performance of a particular part of the market or even the whole market. In this article we will show you how we calculate our indices. 


The Whiskystats Database (by September 2015)

12. September 2015 | 2.3K Views

Before we analyse our data in detail, it is worthwhile getting a rough overview about what we are dealing with. This provides a first glimpse at our Whiskystats Database.