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AvatarSeb Sebsensen

With me mainly going for Ardbeg and Laphroaig limited original bottlings (and not being a collector for very long), Whiskybase prices my collection roughly 75% higher than Whiskystats (with Whiskystats being the “base value” for that comparison).

Another easily misleasing thing is that Whiskybase has a massive amount of Whiskies “split up” by bottle codes whereas the same one on here has only one entry: e.g. “Ardbeg Lord of the Isles” has one entry on here and 13 entries with a wide range of (average) prices between them “over there”. I honestly do not know if there’s actually much of a difference between these releases at auction and if that applies to all other Whiskies with different bottle codes for the “generallly same release”, at leasts that’s what Whiskybase would make one believe….