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    If I understand correctly, the Peat Faeries are their 3rd and 4th batch of blended malt. Just realized that the first two batches are called “Exotic Cargo”. Guess they will be added with the next monthly price update then 🙂

    alan scottalan scott

    I’ll look forward to that.I like exotic cargo.



    Batch 1 and Batch 2 are now in the database.


    How come some of my bottles are not appearing in the database
    even though I know they have been in multiple auctions?


    Hi blackcipher,
    can you name an example?
    We currently track scotch and japanese single malts, most blends, bourbons and ryes from Whisky.Auction,, and
    So we currently do not track e.g. irish whisky for example.
    Best wishes,
    Johannes from Whiskystats

    AvatarDavid Kedrowski

    Hello. What do you think of Macallan M 2016 edition at $4,000 a bottle? I live in Mpls and I work at a liquor store with a discount. I bought 1 bottle but I am thinking of adding a couple more. Our nearest competitor has them for $6,000.

    My concern is that I haven’t seen any price appreciation in the M and the 2016 version had almost 3,000 bottles versus the original, which I think had 1750.

    Purchasing only as an investment.



    yes although Macallan is the most traded distillery and there existed ~3000 bottles, the M 2016 release never really took off at auctions. We registered only 9 trades, latest one coming from September 2019 for 3421 Euros. It seems like there are only few comparable bottlings so our WPM also gives out a current market value of around 3.500 Euros. It also has only one rating on Whiskybase and there are multiple online shops which have it on offer
    (for much higher prices though). So no big audience and not particularly rare neither.
    So I guess you will not be able to make decent profit anytime soon.

Viewing 7 posts - 21 through 27 (of 27 total)
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