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    We observed a significant setback for many Springbanks where the Local Barleys stood out. Meanwhile, some old Yamazaki releases and an Ardbeg from 195…
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    alan scottalan scott

    As an owner of a couple of Springbank Local Barleys it was interesting, if not enjoyable, to see the prices come back to earth over the last couple of months. Obviously the higher prices earlier this year brought more to market. As they say in the commodities business “The solution to high prices is high prices”.
    For the bottles I hold I like to see two separate bottles in an individual auction as I believe the bidders encourage each other upwards. Any more than this tends to dilute buyer interest and final prices come in lower. This is just a feeling with no data to back it up.
    If you have the time and inclination an article on the effect of market volume on prices might be of interest to your readers.


    Hi Alan,
    thanks for the interesting feedback!
    A comparison between the number of bottles available and the realized prices would be very interesting indeed. Ideally, we would also include those lots that failed to sell.
    We will have that information available in new Whiskystats which we are currently working on eagerly.
    So I will pick up this topic once we have the new data available and see if there is an interesting pattern.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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