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    Dalmore climbs up the ladder of our distillery ranking, while our Fabulous Fifty collection index reaches 400 points again. Meanwhile, we observed a l…
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    AvatarSeb Sebsensen


    Two things for possible improvement:

    1. The CSV-Export has one column swapped: “Last observed Price” data is in the “Purchase Price” column.

    2. Could you check why edition 1 of the Laphroaig 30 y/o Ian Hunter series is not in the DB? I found issues #2 here (with a absurdly high price, hard to believe someone paid roughly 450 EUR more than Laphroaig themselves and most shops charged for it by the way):


    But I am unable to find the first one.

    3. Noticed when I had to edit this due to a typo: There appears to be something wrong with the embedded internal link, too? For me it shows “Whisky Detail” and a sharing icon, but the actual URL is trimmed off? In case you can’t see it as well, the ID of the bottling is 77041.

    I am following what you are doing here, and it is coming along nicely. Actually already considering to give the insider thingy a try soon.


    thanks for your feedback!

    @1: The reason for this could be that you did not enter your purchase price yourself? In this case, it will use the then market price as your “purchase price”. If there are no observations since it happens to be that the latest market price is the same as your “purchase price”.

    @2: Actually the Laphroaig Ian Hunter Story #1 is already in our database (here) it just missed the correct title, which I added now. Thanks!

    @3: yes there are troubles sharing the internal links. Note that our website will go through a complete rebuilt next year. Details will be announced soon 🙂

    Glad to hear that you like what is happening here. Stay tuned, will be worth it!


    and yes, first prices for such limited releases can go crazy. This is something we observe all the time, but they usually fall back within the next one or two round of auctions.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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