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    I am Pye and really looking forward for the 2.o version .
    Would like to further discuss the value of a whisky bottle on the secondary market:

    When you have a result from an auction there are , as I see it , three different figures of the bottle.
    First the hammerprice ,thats where the auctioneer ends the bidding .Second we have the price a customer has to pay the auctionhouse for the borrle ,including taxes in the country of the auctionhouse. To this I dont Think of total cost to get it to your door like transport and eventual homecountytax .
    Third there is a pricetag what the original owner otr the seller gets in his pocket when its all over.

    Theese three values differs of course , but it differsalso between the auctionhuses now that there are a fast growing market for auctionhouses as I feel it . Now you even can find a house that does not take any charge at all for selling your bottle ,compared with the oldest one that today charge you a percetage of the hammerprice . (10EU hammerprice hp =35 %, 50hp =22% 1000hp=18% )
    So ,bottom line : wich of theese three different values are presented and will be in the 2. 0 Whisky stats .
    Keep the good work up and I still offer my support and help


    Hi Pye,
    first of all I am very sorry for the much too late reply!

    We chose to take those prices which ultimatively the buyer has to pay in order to become the new owner of the bottle but excluding delivery costs/shipping insurance (…). We do not include the delivery costs for obvious reasons. They are different for everybody and actually we do not even know to whom (or to where) each bottle was sold.

    For the different auctioneers this means our prices are:
    – the hammer price as it is stated on their website.
    – the hammer price plus 10%.
    – the hammer price plus 10%.

    Hope this answers your question.
    The new database is coming soon!

    Best wishes,
    Johannes from Whiskystats

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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