Call for the Fabulous Fifty

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Please note that this article is based on the old Whiskystats database.
Some numbers and figures may not match what you find in the Whiskystats 2.0 database.

We plan to set up a new index which shall represent the most outstanding single malts on the market. This index will be called the “Whiskystats Fabulous Fifty” and we invite you to name us your All-Star picks which should be included!

Until now we have permanent indices for all the distilleries, bottlers and regions we track. And there is of course the Whiskystats Whisky Index, which purpose is to describe the secondary market as a whole. What all of these indices have in common is that the bottles they include are defined by the market as they each represent the value of the respective most traded bottles.
We now want to go one step in the other direction and manually define an index. Naturally the first thing to do is to create an index for the top-bottles, the bottles that create headlines and water each whisky lover’s mouth. So the question is which single malts are these?
We are looking for outstanding single malts. Of course they need to be listed in our whisky database and we are looking for quite regularly traded whiskies too. Also we would like to have a nice diversification, i.e. we do not want to have a Macallan- or Islay-only index. To guide the direction we have already selected the first members of the Whiskystats Fab50. For any suggestions just drop a comment below. If you feel that one of the chosen bottles does not deserve the nomination, let us know too! Here are our picks so far.
Note: This list will be kept updated until we find the 50 bottles to include.
Currently we count 50 candidates for the Fab50. Feel free to leave your comments on these candidates!


  • Ardbeg:
    • Ardbeg 23yo (1974) Provenance
    • Ardbeg 25yo Lord of the Isles
    • Ardbeg 25yo (1975) Vintage
    • Ardbeg (1977) Very Old
  • Bowmore:
    • Bowmore 31yo (1964)
    • Black Bowmore Finale Edition
    • Bowmore 27yo (1972) Casks 4864-4866

Black Bowmore Final Edition

  • Bruichladdich:
    • Bruichladdich Octomore 02.2 (Orpheus)

Bruichladdich Octomore 02.2 (Orpheus)

  • Bunnahabhain:
    • Bunnahabhain 34yo (1968) Auld Acquaintance
  • Caol Ila:
    • Caol Ila 20yo (1976) 150th Anniversary
  • Lagavulin:
    • Lagavulin 21yo (1985) Release 2007
    • Lagavulin 37yo (1976) Release 2013
  • Laphroaig:
    • Laphroaig 30yo Extremely Rare
    • Laphroaig 40yo (1960)
  • Port Ellen:
    • Port Ellen 22yo (1976) 1st Annual Release
    • Port Ellen 25yo (1978) 2nd Annual Release

Port Ellen 1st Annual Release


  • Balblair:
    • Balblair 38yo (1966)
  • Brora:
    • Brora 30yo 2002 Release
    • Brora 30yo 2003 Release
    • Brora 30yo 2004 Release
  • Dalmore:
    • Dalmore 33yo (1973) Cabernet Sauvignon

Dalmore Cabernet Sauvignon

  • Glendronach:
    • Glendronach 25yo (1968)
  • Glenmorangie:
    • Glenmorangie 28yo (1975) Tain L Hermitage
    • Glenmorangie 19yo (1987) Margaux Cask
  • Oban:
    • Oban 32yo (1969)


  • Highland Park:
    • Highland Park 28yo (1973) Vintage Cask
    • Highland Park 12yo (1972) Hjarta
  • Talisker:
    • Talisker 25yo (1975) 2001 Release
    • Talisker 20yo (1981) 2002 Release
    • Talisker 35yo (1977) 2012 Release


  • Balvenie:
    • Balvenie 16yo (1991) Rose
    • Balvenie 16yo Rose (Second Release)
    • Balvenie 25yo (1978) Single Barrel 4001

Balvenie Rose 2nd Release

  • Glenfiddich:
    • Glenfiddich Snow Phoenix
  • Glenfarclas :
    • Glenfarclas 46yo (1954)
  • Glenlivet:
    • Glenlivet 25yo Royal Wedding Reserve
  • Macallan:
    • Macallan 35th Anniversary of Private Eye
    • Macallan 33yo Royal Marriage 1981
    • Macallan 18yo (1979) Gran Reserva


  • Springbank:
    • Springbank 12yo 100 Proof
    • Springbank 30yo (1966) Local Barley

Springbank 30yo (1966) Local Barley


  • Rosebank:
    • Rosebank 20yo (1981) Rare Malts Selection
    • Rosebank 22yo (1981) Rare Malts Selection
  • Ladyburn:
    • Ladyburn 27yo (1973) Vintage Cask 1591
  • St. Magdalene:
    • St. Magdalene 19yo (1979) Rare Malts Selection


  • Karuizawa:
    • Karuizawa 32yo (1980) Noh Whisky
    • Karuizawa 29yo (1984) Cask 3663
    • Karuizawa 42yo (1967) Cask 6426

Karuizawa 32yo 1980

  • Hanyu:
    • Hanyu Joker 2014
  • Yamazaki:
    • Yamazaki Sherry Cask 2013
  • Yoichi:
    • Yoichi 20yo


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    Yoichi 20, Talisker 35, Laphroaig 30 (old version) are quite iconic ones in my eyes. The Laphroaig 30 year old at least should definitely be in the top 50. I’ll try to think of some more.


    Dalmore Sauvignon 1973!


    And I agree with the Laphroaig 30


    We added the Laphroaig 30yo, the Talisker 35yo and the Dalmore Cabernet Sauvignon. Thanks!

    did you meant the Yoichi 20yo (52%) or one of the many single casks?


    I would put the standard Yoichi 20yo in there. My thinking is that it is the best “standard” bottle to represent that distillery. Springbank 1966 is another classic worth including I think, obviously there are quite a few versions to choose from, so maybe put in the one that is most traded at auctions?


    Laphroaig 40yo 1960 and Lagavulin 37yo are two more bottles I’d probably exchange some non-vital organs for.


    Bruichladdich Octomore 2.2 Orpheus, Highland Park Hjärda, Balvenie 25 46.9%, Glenturret 18, Ladyburn 1973


    We added the Laphroaig 40yo (1960), the Lagavulin 37yo (1976), the Octomore Orpheus, the Highland Park Hjarta, the Ladyburn 27yo (1973), the Yoichi 20yo and the Springbank 30yo 1966 Local Barley. Thanks!

    there seem to be a lot of Balvenie 25yo with 46.9. Considering the number of trades the Single Barrel 4001 would be an option.


    There is no Glenmorangie so far, i would prefer the Tain 1975 or the Margaux


    Hi there, Balvenie 25 single barrel 4001 is the option. Thanks.


    How about Glenlivet
    P.e. 25yo, Royal Wedding Reserve?


    Glenmorangie 28yo (1975) Tain L Hermitage, Glenmorangie 19yo (1987) Margaux Cask, Balvenie 25yo (1978) Single Barrel 4001 and Glenlivet 25yo Royal Wedding Reserve are now part of the Fab50.
    Looks like we already have a nice diversification. There are only three spots left.

    AvatarWhisky Professor

    I would put in the St Magdalene Rare Malts 1979 (perhaps instead of one of the two RM Rosebanks if no space).

    Karuizawa 1967 is an icon.

    Something from Glenfarclas (1960 or 1965 Family Cask)

    A Glendronach 1972.


    Thanks for pointing out that we left out Glenfarclas. We added the Glenfarclas 46yo (1954) because it seems to be more regularly traded across all auction platforms. We also added the Karuizawa 42yo (1967) Cask 6426 and the St. Magdalene 19yo (1979) Rare Malts Selection.

    We now stand at 50 nominees. Feel free to further comment the nominees, potential substitutions and the like. We will set-up the Fab50 index in a couple of days.

    AvatarSeb Sebsensen

    I would recommend the 1977 24 yo Ardbeg instead of something “just fancy” like the HP Thor.


    Hi Seb, we agree with you! Hence the Ardbeg (1977) Very Old was added and Highland Park Thor removed.

    AvatarSeb Sebsensen

    Nice! Great app by the way, can”t believe that I somehow managed to miss it until a couple of months ago.
    Will certainly help me growing my little Islay collection 🙂

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