Customize Your Collections

23. October 2016 | 2.9K Views
Please note that this article is based on the old Whiskystats database.
Some numbers and figures may not match what you find in the Whiskystats 2.0 database.

This is the next step for the Whiskystats project! By letting you define your custom buy and sell prices we move closer to your collector´s reality. For the same reason, we now let you manage up to seven different personal collections. 

Giving you the possibility to define your custom price observation was on our agenda right from the start. Since we do not cover primary market prices, this gives you the possibility to use your individual purchase prices when determining the change-in-value of your collection. We also noticed that some of the collections which are tracked on Whiskystats are quite big. Hence, we decided to give each user up to seven slots. So if you sort your single malts by regions or flavor profiles, you can now do the same on Whiskystats. Or you can use one collection as a watchlist, where you place those bottles for which you are only waiting for the right time to buy. It is up to you.
The usage of these new features is quite self-explanatory. To add those additional collections simply browse to Your Collections and click the obvious button.
Individual buy and sell prices
If you add a bottle to one of your personal collections, you can now enter your individual purchase price. In this way we can calculate the true price changes that apply only to your bottles and you keep an overview on your expenses. Likewise, when removing a bottle from your collection, you will be prompted to state a sell price.

Of course, you can leave those fields empty (zero) to continue using the market value. This means that we simply use the prices we observed on the market for calculating your collection´s price changes. This is the standard method we used until now. So if you want everything to stay the same, just leave those custom buy and sell prices to zero.
We hope this new features will improve your Whiskystats experience. If you encounter any difficulties do not hesitate to let us know either by dropping a comment right below or contacting us directly.