Our New Whisky Database

11. September 2018 | 4K Views

The new database is online! It is not only bigger and more precise than the old one but gives us the technical foundation we need for the great things to come. But first things first, here is the introduction to our new database.. 

At first sight, as a Whiskystats user everything stays the same. You can browse our whisky database, add bottles to your personal collections and track their value. However, you will notice that now there are more whiskies (see “Key Figures” below), the differentiation between different bottling versions has improved and the identification of the whiskies is easier (see “Latest Observation Links”). It is under the bonnet where many things have changed. For example, these changes will enable us to also add Bourbons and Blends later this year.

Key Figures

With our new database we now track the auction results of the three major whisky auctioneers. These are, and now new For these auctioneers we collected the price observations all the way back to January 2011.
Currently you find more than 27.000 different scotch and japanese single malt whiskies in our database. In fact our database holds information of far more whiskies, see “Shadow Bottles” below. To these whiskies there belong more than 373.000 price observations. This means around 13,8 price observations per whisky on average. Of course we all now that there are some bottles which are traded very intensely while others only very occasionally appear on auctions.
Region composition
We see that from the single malts we track the Speyside region still accounts for most of the bottles in our database. Around 36% of the whiskies in our database come from a Speyside located distillery. On the places follow the Isle of Islay and the Highlands region, accounting for around 21% and 20% respectively.
Major distilleries
Of course the single most prominent distillery in our database is Macallan. Pretty much 4,5% of the whiskies in our database come from this Speyside located distillery. This translates to more than 1.200 different bottles. Bruichladdich, Springbank and Bowmore all have a share of more than 3,5%. The top-7 are completed by Caol Ila, Laphroaig and Highland Park.

Latest Observation Links

The first new thing you will notice is that we are now displaying the latest price observations of each whisky. So if you visit the detailed page of a whisky (the page where you see it´s price development) you now find the links to the auction lots at the bottom. Click them and you will be directed to the auctioneers website describing that lot. With this it should now become easy to identify whiskies for which we do not have any images yet.
Latest observations

Shadow Bottles

As mentioned above our whisky database actually holds many more whiskies that are not displayed in the search results yet. These whiskies all have only one price observation. As soon as we observe a second trade a whisky is displayed and you can add it to your collections and track its value. The reason we do this is to filter out potential mistakes of the auctioneers describing the characteristics of these whiskies or us matching these observation falsely. Currently there are more than 15.000 whiskies waiting for their second price observation.

Up Next

The next step will be to completely rework our market indices. We worked out a new methodology which will be both, easy to interpret and consistent over time. We expect these new indices to go online over the next couple of weeks.
We hope you like our new database. If you encounter any inconsistencies or other bugs simply contact us and let us know so the issue can be resolved!