Paused Monthly Price Updates

31. May 2018 | 1.8K Views | 4 Comments

Please notice that we paused our monthly price updates until our all new whisky database goes online. We plan to get the new database up and running until July. In the mean time there will be no new price observations added to Whiskystats. Sorry for any inconvenience this may cause! 


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    AvatarSeb Sebsensen

    How”s the work on the new DB going, any news?
    If you ran into unexpected problems and might need help let me know, databases are a big part of my job πŸ˜‰


    Hi Seb,
    we already imported all of the prices from WhiskyAuctioneer (new!) and ScotchWhiskyAuctions. The Whiskystats 2.0 database already includes 220.000 price observations of 30.000 single malts. We are currently importing (match price observations) of WhiskyAuction.
    Then we have to match the whiskies from the old database to the new ones so to ensure all of your collections will be transfered smoothly.

    At the moment we do not have unexpected technical problems. It just seems like time is moving faster than expected πŸ™‚

    Do you think you could create a script which helps finding implausible price developments? If so please contact me at for details.

    Best wishes,
    Johannes from Whiskystats

    AvatarSeb Sebsensen

    Hi Johannes,
    sorry for the late teply, I”ll get back to you on monday, currently on the last days of our vacations.

    have nice weekend

    AvatarSeb Sebsensen

    You should have email πŸ™‚

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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