Shape Your Insidership (Final Result)

20. May 2020 | 2.1K Views | 2 Comments

Many requests reached us to make our premium Insidership more accessible with regard to pricing. We now came up with three possible solutions and want you to choose your favorite option in this poll! 

The Whiskystats Insidership gives you more insights into the secondary whisky market and makes the management of your digital whisky collection a lot more comfortable. Making use of the full price transparency can enable you to save or make money when you are looking for the right time and place to trade your bottles. In addition, the advanced collection management makes life easier when trying to keep an overview of your bottle portfolio. You can find the full list of features here and become an Insider for a 30-days free trial now.
Insidership Features For the Insidership we ask for 49€ per quarter (or 29€ per quarter plus 1000 Credits per year). The Whiskystats project will profit from these funds directly. The more Insiders, the better our platform will be. Together with you, we now want to find additional pricing plans to make the Insidership more accessible. Below we describe three possible solutions we came up with. Let us know which option you would prefer. If you have other suggestions, tell us in the comments below or contact us directly.

Option 1: One-Month Insidership

Instead of a quarterly billing cycle you could opt-in for the Insidership for one month without any recurring payments. So when you need the additional market insights our Insidership offers, may it be for buying or selling purposes, you can get it for 30 days. After that, you would fall back to the standard membership, i.e. there are no strings attached. Pricing would be 19€ per month (or 9€ plus 200 Credits).

Option 2: Insidership Light

The idea here is to offer all comfort-features of the Insidership, but exclude all functionalities which enable you to make or save money. So with the Insidership Light you would have the advanced collection management, multiple currencies and collection reports but no full price transparency, bottle evaluations and increased access to the Whisky Pricing Machine. Pricing would be 19€ per quarter (or 9€ per quarter plus 500 Credits per year).

Option 3: Pay-per-Bottle

With this option you get the full price transparency on a per bottle basis for one month. The idea is to give you access to the full price data when you need it to make your decisions about selling or buying. No other features of the Insidership would be included, just 30 days access to all single price observations and the bottle evaluation for the bottle you chose. Pricing would be 5€ per bottle per month.
In theory all the above would work in parallel. This is why you can choose multiple options. If multiple options find the consent of the Whiskystats community we may implement them all, and the poll-ranking will decide which one comes first.

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Your Choice

Final Result: The figures seem quite clear. Two thirds of the Whiskystats users would prefer to access the full price transparency on a per bottle basis. The Insidership Light comes in at second place, but only with 20% of the votes. Hence, we will now start to implement the pay-ber-bottle option.
Thanks for your participation and feedback. If you have more comments or suggestions on these pricing options let us know in the comments or via our contact form.


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