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9. September 2019 | 1K Views

As the whisky market is ever-changing, staying up-to-date can be a challenging task. For this reason, we now rebooted our social media channels. In regular postings, we inform you about interesting shop offers, recent trades and of course the latest market movements! 

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Admittedly it took us some time to figure out how to handel our social media channels. But like whisky itself, good things need time for maturation. Our latest tool, the Whiskystats Shop Monitor, now sparked the idea for a whole bunch of new content that perfectly suits your Twitter and Instagram feed. So by following Whiskystats you will now be informed about the latest shop offers evaluated by us. So of course these are not any shop offer, but those which, according to our very own methodology, seem to be prized in your favour!
Whiskystats Feed But that’s not all. We also have those of you covered, who are here for the historic performances of their whisky collectables. On a regular basis, we will post the complete price graph (including all individual price observations) for some selected releases. Hence you will see that the above Macallan 14yo Exceptional Cask from 2017 solely trades on U.K. auctions and that prices fell significantly below 2000 Euros this year. And last but not least we, of course, keep posting the contents of our market analysis, like those index graphs you know from our monthly price updates or other stats you find on our board articles.
Do you feel like we missed out something? Is there anything you would like us to deliver to your feed? Let us know by dropping a comment below or contacting us directly.

Found in Shops:
Macallan Terra Speyside Single Malt Scotch Whisky
70cl / 43.8% - A delicious single malt whisky from Macallan’s Quest Collection, Terra is a complex whisky with a distinctive flavour of toffee, dried fruits and rich, woody spices. Aged exclusively in first-fill sherry casks, Terra has a golden amber colour, and aromas of dried fruits, citrusy lemon and toffee. The palate brings flavours of ripening apple and ginger, and finishes with sweet dried fruits and woody spices.
160 GBP Shop Price at The Whisky Exchange
210 GBP Estimated Market Value
Macallan Rare Cask Batch No.2 / 2018 Release Speyside Whisky
70cl / 43% / Distillery Bottling - The second Rare Cask for 2018 – No.2 of three. Macallan Rare Cask is a small-batch release from the Speyside favourite, bringing together just 50 sherry butts to craft a rich and fruity dram. This Macallan at its most traditional and best.
Slightly Underpriced
350 GBP Shop Price at The Whisky Exchange
405 GBP Estimated Market Value
Macallan 15 Year Old Double Cask Speyside Single Malt Scotch Whisky
70cl / 43% / Distillery Bottling - Macallan is known for ageing its whiskies in sherry casks and the Double Cask range, of which this 15 year old single malt is a part, explores what happens when whisky aged in two types of sherry-seasoned oak is combined. Matured in both European and American oak casks, this smooth single malt has notes of dried fruits, orange zest, melted chocolate, oak spice and honey.
Fair Priced
97 GBP Shop Price at The Whisky Exchange
100 GBP Estimated Market Value

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