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Data quality is of course key to a data driven project like Whiskystats. This is why we eased the process for you to give feedback and thereby increase the accuracy of the Whiskystats database. We call this the Data Quality Initiative and we invite you to participate in! 

Each month we map tens of thousands of new auction results to the already existing whiskies in our database or create new entries. And while we have implemented several validation steps naturally errors still occur. This could be price observations being mapped to the wrong whisky or missing or mixed-up bottle characteristics. To address this issue we turn to you, the Whiskystats users. It is you who know the whiskies in your shelves best, and that is why we built a tool so you can give us direct feedback.

How it works

For each and every whisky in our database you now find a flap below the bottle characteristics. Click on it and you will be presented a link to create a new data quality ticket. Click on this link and you will be navigated to a form with the bottle information already pre-filled. Describe the issue and submit the ticket. A conversation will start where we try to respond as soon as possible, but other user can join in too for further discussion. You can see a list of all ongoing discussions in our Data Quality Initiative page.
DQI Flap With this tool giving feedback to a specific whisky in our database is only a matter of a click. We hope that this will remove some hurdles and looking forward to further improve the Whiskystats project together with you. And by the way, we will not forget your effort and find a way to show our gratefulness in one or the other way, stay tuned.


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    alan scottalan scott

    I think you may have a missing bottle/distillery.
    Bimber London Single Malt The 1st Release appears 27 times in Scottish Whisky Auctions covering auctions 102 to 106.


    Thanks Alan, Bimber will be added with the next data update!

    Avatarrice robertson

    Great post. Thank you for providing useful information.


    You now find two Bimber releases in our database:
    The 1st Release and the Small Batch 1

    Avatarstefan tschischka


    hoffe ich bin hier richtig. Der Glenfiddich
    erzielte in der letzten Auktion 1887* € Whisky Auction (October 2019). In my collection werden dann 800 € angezeigt.

    Liebe Grüsse aus dem lieblichen Taubertal


    Hallo Stefan,
    ja wenn das Kaufdatum aktueller als die letzte Preisbeobachtung (Oktober 2019) ist, dann wird in deiner Sammlung der Kaufpreis (falls angegeben) als aktuellster Marktwert herangezogen. Diesen Preis siehst natürlich nur du!

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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