The Insidership Free Trial

4. April 2020 | 2.3K Views

We are in the process of launching the Whiskystats Insidership. You can now experience this premium membership level 30 days free of charge. Use the full potential of our database and let us know what you think about being an Insider! 

We reach the next step on our Whiskystats journey. You can now upgrade your existing account to become a Whiskystats Insider. This will give you more insights into the whisky auction market from which you can directly profit. To give you an impression of what to expect, every Whiskystats member can now test the Insidership 30 days for free!

Insider Features

The number one advantage you have as an Insider, is that you see every single price observation we make, not just monthly averages. This enables you to easily spot the huge differences in prices that still exist between the auction platforms, like we have seen for the most collected whiskies. If you are looking to buy some bottles on auctions, this can save you significant money. Likewise, if you plan to sell a bottle, choosing the right auctioneer increases the chance of fetching a high price. And these decisions can be different from whisky to whisky, since the platforms audiences obviously do not overlap entirely!
Insidership Features But there is more. As an Insider you also get a set of advanced tools to organize your collections. You can reorder them to your like, use color coding to keep an overview and move bottles between collections with one click. You can also generate a collection report or a bottle evaluation as often as you wish. If you export your collection to CSV, this will now also include the latest market prices. In addition, it is now possible to change between Euro, U.S. Dollar and British Pound using historic exchange rates and you will enjoy an increased monthly limit to our Whisky Pricing Machine. Have a look at the full list of Insider features.

Your Feedback

With this premium membership, the Whiskystats project is venturing new grounds. We, of course, plan to further improve the Insidership experience together with you. Feed us with your thoughts and comments, so we can adapt these premium features to your needs. Do you advise customers yourself and would like to put your own branding on the reports? Or are you looking for some advanced price analysis? Let us know in the comments below or reach out to us at!
You can now activate your 30 days trial here (follow the link at the bottom). Note that for obvious reasons the Insidership trial is restricted to one usage per user.