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You can now earn Credits which you can then use to get a discount on our Insidership. You help us improve our whisky database, and we help you to make the most out of it. Here is how it works! 

The Whiskystats Insidership gives you an information advantage on the secondary whisky market and comes with some additional comfort features to organize your digital whisky shelf. However, it also comes with a price. But this price can now be lowered if you are willing to actively participate in the Whiskystats project. For every bottle image you upload or data quality issue you solve you will be rewarded with Credits. Once you have enough Credits you can get a discount!

How to Earn Credits

The first way to earn Credits is to upload bottle images. For every approved bottle image you will get 20 Credits. Just navigate to your whisky and click on the image bar at the top. You can add an image by taking a photo with your smartphone or choosing an existing one from your device. Note that after we approved your upload, this image will be visible to all users. By uploading images you also confirm that you own the copyrights for this image and share them with Whiskystats.
Earn Whiskystats Credits The other way to earn Credits is to open a data quality ticket. For every closed ticket you will receive 40 Credits. If you spot missing or wrong information or an odd price observation for a whisky, simply click the warning sign in the bottom right. Let us know what the problem is, so we can fix it. Once the issue is resolved and your ticket is closed you will receive the Credits.

Get Your Discount

You can see your current balance in the status bar on top and on your profile page There you will also find the available discounts and how much Credits they cost. Once you have enough Credits, these buttons will be activated and you can get your discount.
For 1000 Credits you will get a one year 40% discount on our premium Insidership. So instead of 49 Euros you will be paying 29 Euros for the next four quarters. If you collect enough Credits throughout the year, your discount will be prolonged for another four quarters. If you have fewer Credits, your discount will end and you drop back to the default Whiskystats membership.
Get Discount We of course want to acknowledge those of you which supported us in the past. This is why those users will find their Credit balance to be filled with an initial amount corresponding to the number of images uploaded or data issues reported.


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    Could you give us some info on the requirements for the photo to be accepted? Thanks


    when you upload an image we will verify if it matches the whisky.
    Until approval, the image will only be visible to you.


    Ok thanks. ?

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