Three Years of Whiskystats

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It has been more than three years now since our whisky database went online for the first time. And like whisky itself, Whiskystats continues to mature over time. Here is a small recap of the current state and what is about to come! 

It was in late 2015 when the decision was made to make the Whiskystats database publicly accessible. When looking at the below figures, it seems like it was about time for a project like this one. And Whiskystats came to stay. The secondary market for rare and collectable whisky is growing strongly and the need for an independent market observer is obvious. More and more people appreciate the possibility to acquire long gone bottlings on auctions. As prices tend to increase, whisky is also seen as an alternative investment possibility. But whatever your reasons are for participating in this market, being well informed is always a key advantage. And this is where Whiskystats comes into play.

More Data

At the time of writing this article we are currently tracking scotch and japanese single malts as well as united states bourbon whiskey. We differ more than 30.000 different whiskies in our database. For these whiskies we observed well above 420.000 trades dating all the way back to the year of 2011. Just recently the number of price observations we make each month jumped above 10.000. Considering this, and the fact that we soon also add blended whisky to our watch list, we expect to reach half a million (!) trade records within the next couple of months.

More Members

Still we do not spend any money on advertising Whiskystats. Still the Whiskystats user base is constantly growing. Just recently we reached 3.000 registered Whiskystats members. All in all this users manage more than 2.500 digital whisky collections on our platform. In these collections they track the value of more than 240.000 bottles of whisky. For us this is simply amazing and showcases the demand on a service like Whiskystats.

More Attention

As more and more people get involved in the secondary whisky market, the need for some rigorous analysis of this market is growing too. But for analysing the market one needs to have market data. So people start referencing Whiskystats. We here want to point out some of the whisky content creators that make use of our results. This list is by no means exhaustive and excuses go out to everyone that we miss out.
We especially appreciate the regular postings on Whiskyexperts, an austrian based web-portal (like Whiskystats) dedicated to collect all whisky related news and stories. As Whiskyexperts is german only, this is for sure a reason why Whiskystats usage is strong among the german speaking countries.
Also the well renowned Forbes magazine makes use of our analysis. In their Food & Drinks section our breakdowns of the latest rounds of auctions were used to illustrate the growing interest in collectable whisky. Especially our analysis of the recent market movements that show that Karuizawa is the most collectable whisky out there caught their attention.
Whiskystats Media
But Whiskystats also appears in classical print media. Here we want to point out the (also german) whisky magazine Der Whiskybotschafter. There, Ralph L. Warth, founder of the Rare Limited Whisky LLC and author of Liquid Gold – Investing successfully in whisky, regularly references to our market observations.
And we actually can not count the numerous whisky bloggers and forums around the world. Cheers to you! Here we have to highlight, an U.K. whisky and spirits blog. Malthound is the first to gain direct access to the Whiskystats database. On Malthound you will find a side-widget displaying the latest movements of our Whiskystats Whisky Index (WWI). Also the whole index is embedded on the Malthound whisky-index page. For this, Malthound directly accesses our data through an API. This was our first endevour to providing our data as a service and we certainly have plans to build up on this! This directly leads us to the things that are about to come.

More Ideas

The most important thing when talking about the Whiskystats project is that we are not done yet. Not at all! As many of you know, the year of 2018 was dedicated to completely rebuilding the technical foundation of our database. As a result of this we were able to add bourbon whiskeys pretty easily. And as mentioned above, we will soon start tracking blends too.
Whiskystats Data Services
But that is not all. Beside of steadily adding more and more whiskies to our database we will also continue distilling the most out of this vast amount of information. Until now we only have scratched the surface of what one could do with our market data. We do not want to spoil too much at the moment, but all of these future tools will be clearly targeted at gaining more insight into the market and making it easier to access this information.
So long story short, we are very much looking forward to the year that comes!


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    Thank you for your database and your work!
    Have a very nice 2019 year and a future with a lot of success!


    Thanks Fabrice,
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