Two Years of Whiskystats

7. December 2017 | 1.8K Views | 2 Comments
Please note that this article is based on the old Whiskystats database.
Some numbers and figures may not match what you find in the Whiskystats 2.0 database.

Our Whiskystats database is online for more than two years now. Wow! We thought this is a good occasion to give you some updates on the project, where it came from and where it might be going. 

Who would have thought that by the end of 2017 we would publish our 83rd article on What started as a wish to somehow be able to track the value of our personal whisky collection now became the biggest whisky auction price database we know about. It was 28 months ago when we decided to bring our database online. This also means that since then we updated our database 28 times to account for the latest price observations (the monthly update for November is coming soon!).
In late 2015 had two registered members, the author of this text and an imaginary dummy user called “WhiWhi”. Then we convinced some relatives and friends to also sign-up. So in month two we counted 16 registered users. Then we set out to tell everyone who was interested (or not) about this project. The number of registered users climbed to 221 after six months. Today we count more than 2.000 Whiskystats members and each month there come more. This is nothing but awesome considering that we haven’t spend any money on advertisment or the like.
Whiskystats Members by December 2017 Back then, when we set out to find what whisky could be worth, we manually copied price observations from the auctioneer´s websites to an excel-file. Quickly realizing that this wasn’t a satisfactory approach we started building a more professional database. Then it dawned us that there was no reason why we should restrict ourselfs to only those whiskies we were personally interested in. So we started to collect more data and suddenly found out that there were quite some interesting insights tucked away in this pile of data. And why not sharing this information with others?
Single Malts in the Whiskystats Database by December 2017 So Whiskystats went online with price observations of around 12.500 different scotch single malts. After seven months we decided to also include the prices from a second auctioneer. The number of whiskies we tracked climbed to 16.000. By also adding japanese single malts and of course the regular monthly new price observations we currently find 22.118 whiskies in our database. To these whiskies there belong 283.346 price observations.
Now we reached a point where we want to cover even more data. More auctioneers, more whiskytypes. Sounds like an interesting project indeed and we for sure already started working on it. A growing community of course also consumes more time to administer, and we would love to publish articles analysing our data more often. That is why we are always open for fellow participants in our project. And there might be some interesting news coming soon regarding this topic!
Whatever the future will bring, we already had a great time with the Whisykstats project. We hope you too and maybe you are as excited as us to find out what the next two years will bring!


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    Great work! If you make a product that creates value for it’s users then they will tell others about it -no need to spend money on advertising. Just be patient and keep improving this great resource. Thanks for taking the time to create it.

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    I’m a two months old member so congrats on the work, I a regular now!

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