Whiskystats 2.0 Developer Update

20. July 2018 | 1.6K Views

As most of you know we are currently in the process of completely rebuilding our whisky database. This is why there are no new monthly price udpates at the moment. The work is doing good progress and we hereby want to give you a quick update. 

The new database will hold price observations from the three major online auctioneers, (new!) and We already finished preparing the price observations of two of these three auctioneers and are currently in the process of doing so for the third. Considering the amount of data left as well as the time it took to prepare the already processed data we expect this work to be done at the end of August.
So sadly the once announced release date of end of July will not hold. But it is worth the wait. The new database will not only show increased data quantity and quality but also serves as the technical foundation needed for future functionalities and extensions.