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Please note that this article is based on the old Whiskystats database.
Some numbers and figures may not match what you find in the Whiskystats 2.0 database.

Starting to track the value of your whisky collection now got even more comfortable. Our new import functionality offers the possibility to load your collection directly to whiskystats. This is the tutorial on how to use this new feature. 

If you kept track of your collection in a digital way, we can now help you finding your bottles in our database and adding them to your whiskystats collection. Just follow these five steps.

Step 1: Download the Template

We created an Excel-file that serves you as a template. Just download the Whiskystats-Import.xlsx. Note that using Excel is not mandatory since we only use it to create a CSV-file. Therefore, you could also directly use the CSV-template.Import-template
Step 2: Fill the Template

You will notice two exemplary entries which you can of course delete. Please do not modify the two heading lines though. There are nine columns that describe your whisky. In the following list you find some guidelines that when followed increase the chance of correctly mapping your input to a whisky in our database. If an information is not present, leave the corresponding cell blank.

  • Distillery: Please use the distillery names that you find in our whisky database.
  • Bottler: Same hint here. Using the bottler names from our whisky database increases the chances for correct matches.
  • Description: Additional information on your bottle. Bottling series, cask and batch numbers or the like.
  • Strength: The alcohol level of the whisky in percent. Has to be a numeric value using a point (“.”) or comma (“,”) as a decimal separator.
  • Age: The age (time of maturation) of the whisky in (full) years (as presented on the bottle or as the difference between distilling and bottling year).
  • DistillingYear: The year of destillation. The timeformat is YYYY, so for example “1990”.
  • BottleSize: The size of the bottle in ml. We only use (rounded off) integer values. So a bottle with size 333.33 ml has the size 333 ml in our database.
  • PurchaseDate: The month in which you bought the very bottle(s). This is used to compute the historic evolution of the value of your collection. If you do not know this just add the current month. The format must be YYYY-MM, for example “2014-03” if you bought the bottle(s) in March 2014.
  • NumberOfBottles: The number of bottles you have of this whisky (that you bought in the stated month). Must be a (positive) integer value.
  • PurchasePrice: The price you paid (per bottle) for this whisky. Must be a (positive) integer value.

Note that while none of the above columns is mandatory, adding additional information like the correct bottler will dramatically increase the chances of mapping your input to the correct whisky. Each upload is restricted to 500 whiskies (rows).

Step 3: Save the CSV-File

Once you filled the template with all your whiskies, you can finally export the CSV-file. Just use the save-as function of Excel and select CSV (Comma delimited) (*.csv) as the file type.

Step 4: Import the CSV-File

Navigate to your personal Collection and edit it (click on the collection and then click on edit). You will find an “Import From CSV-File” link in the top left corner. Follow this link. You will be presented the possibility to select a CSV-file. Choose the file you just created and then click on upload.Import-Mask
Step 5: Interpret the Upload-Log

If we encountered no errors while uploading and interpreting the file, you are presented the upload results for each whisky (row) of your input. For each whisky, there are four possible outcomes.

  • Added: We found exactly one bottle in our database that matched your input. This bottle was added to your collection.
  • Multiple Matches: We found more than one bottle that matched your input. You can now choose the bottle you want to add to your collection.
  • No Match: We did not find any matching bottle for your input. You maybe want to recheck your input or we simply do not have that very bottle in our database.
  • Error: Either the purchase date or the number of bottles were not correctly specified.

Note that those bottles for which we found multiple matches have not yet been added to your collection. Only if you choose one of the suggested whiskies displayed (press “Add This”), the bottle(s) will be added to your collection.Import-Log
We hope some of you find this new tool helpful. If you stumble upon any difficulties, bugs or if you have any suggestions on how to improve the import process, please do not hesitate to leave a comment.


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    AvatarElyes Alouini


    How can I import the csv file generated by whiskybase in whiskystats?
    any available tool?

    Many thanks


    sorry for my late reply.
    Unfortunately it is not possible to import the csv from Whiskybase directly.
    Reason is that there is no one-to-one mapping between the bottles on Whiskybase and Whiskystats.
    You first need to transform the data to the structure of our templates.

    Best wishes,

    AvatarScott Mcfarlane

    Can you help when i upload the CSV file i get this message ‘The headers (first line) of your CSV-File were not correct.
    Please use our Import Template (Excel-File).
    Back to File-Upload


    Mhm, please contact me directly at and send me your csv file so I can have a look.

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