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Please note that this article is based on the old Whiskystats database.
Some numbers and figures may not match what you find in the Whiskystats 2.0 database.

Information is worth nothing if you cannot find it, and with thousands of bottles and tens of thousands of prices in our database you are likely to get lost. This is why in this article we want to show you how to efficiently browse the whiskystats database. 

Note that this article stays updated if there are any changes made on our search functionality.
Pretty much all of Whiskystats is a view at our database in one way or another. We summarize pricetrends to form indices, we pick out the most outstandig pricemovements or even condense the whole market into one single number. But at the core of this game of numbers lie the priceobservations of each and every single bottle. And to make this data accessible, a proper search mask is essential.
The Quick Search
If you navigate to our whisky database you will find one single textfield. Just start typing in the specifics you are looking for and you will see that the matching bottles will be displayed live in the search results. Note that you can mix up any information that is displayed in our database. So if you are looking for an Ardbeg Original Bottling with a vintage of 1998 simply type in “ardbeg original 1998” or even “ardbeg original 1998 58.3” to display the one single ardbeg original bottling from 1998 with 58.3 volume percent.
The Detailed Search
If you don’t know exactly what you are looking for or simply want to browse our database you might want to change to our detailed search. Here you will find another textfield called “Search Term” and serveral lists you can choose from. The search term has exactly the same functionality as the quick search. In addition you can now choose from all distilleries, bottlers and regions which bottles should be displayed or not. There is also the possibility to sort the search results with the “Sort By” list. Simply choose the characterstic you want the results to be sorted by. By default, this sorting will be done in ascending order. You can change this with the “Sort Style” field.
The 100 to Speed Things Up
You may notice that if there are more than 100 bottles that suite your search request, only the first 100 in sorting order will be displayed. You can load more by scrolling down to the end of the list and click the obvious button. The reason why we explain this is that if you sort the results by clicking on the table headers (only possible on large screens) only the displayed bottles will be ordered!
On we are always anxious to improve your user experience. So if you have any suggestions on how to make the search mask more efficient please let us know and leave a comment.


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    Good morning from Texas. I have a whisky that is not in your database.

    The Old Malt Cask
    Single Malt Scotch Whisky fromOne Cask
    Douglas Laing & Co Ltd
    Dallas Dhu Distillery
    Distilled 1971 March
    Bottled 2007 August
    Aged 36 years
    One of 181
    Hogshead DL Ref: 3802

    I was unable to locate it in your database in order to add it to my collection. Please advise. Thank you.


    Hi rivasj,
    you are right, this bottle is not displayed at the moment.
    Nevertheless, it is already in our database but has only one price observation (October 2014, 237 Euros).
    As soon as we observe a second trade, it will be displayed and you can add it to your collection!


    What should I do with a whisky that is not in your database, can I manually add it?
    Strathclyde 25 Years – 1989 The Sovereign 59.7 %
    Hunter Laing Single Cask
    Strathclyde Distillery
    Distilled 1989 Feb
    Bottled 2014 Sep
    Aged 25 years
    One of 186


    Hi JollyPeatman,
    unfortunately it is not (yet) possible to manually add whiskies. Bottles are added to our database as soon as we observe two different trades. Note that at the moment we only consider single malt whiskies since it is them which are most relevant on the secondary market…


    Thanks for the reply, I was wondering why single malt whisky’s are more sought after than single grain?


    There are, probably, many reasons for this. First thing has to be tradition. The secondary whisky market we observe is a collectors market, and collectors love tradition. It is the Scots “who made whisky drinkable” and throughout the last century world famous. And the traditional scotch whisky is a single malt whisky. Next thing would be image. Many “whisky connoisseurs” believed that single grain whiskies couldn’t be that complex in taste and variety as single malts and that they are just to sweet. Although recent bottlings like the one you mentioned would certainly contradict that, it takes time to change an image. That said, maybe in the future more single grains make it to auctions and we will start tracking them as well.

    AvatarIvo Bühler

    Hello, I’m updating my whisky collection…
    Mackmyra Whiskys are missing in the database.
    41.4 vol %
    100 cl
    Orgin, Sweden


    Hi Ivo,
    at the moment we are only tracking prices of scotch and japanese single malts.
    However, you can create a custom bottle and enter your own buy-price and latest price.observation.
    If you select “Unknown” as a distillery and type in “Mackmyra” for the Series the bottle will appear as a Mackmyra bottling in your collection.

    Find more details on custom bottles here

    Best wishes,


    consider to take ‘Glendronach 2002 Single Cask 14 Year Old #1504’ into your database.
    Great work !


    Hi Erik,
    whiskies are added to our whisky database as soon as we have two price observations from different auctions. If you have your own prices you can use “custom bottles” to add this whisky to your collections (see here).

    Best wishes,

    AvatarDan Taylor

    Which databases do you search to be able to grow your list of whisky? Or are you manually entering all tens of thousands?


    Hi Dan,
    each month we collect all the price observations from the auctioneers we track. We then match these observations to the whiskies in our database. So there is no database we directly source our information from, just a list of price observations.


    Hello Whiskystats team,

    I have a whisky that is not in your database.
    Hibiki 21 Year Old Mount Fuji 2nd Edition.
    I was unable to locate it in your database in order to add it to my collection. Please advise. Thank you.


    Hi tigersimba,
    Hibiki is a japanese blend brand and at the moment we are only tracking scotch and japanese single malt whiskies. However, we are currently in the process of adding Bourbon whiskies to our database and later this year we will also add Blends. So Hibiki (and other blend whisky brands) will come soon!

    Best wishes,
    Johannes from Whiskystats


    Hey guys,
    I’m wondering why certain auctions / bottlings are not listed here. In my case there are:

    – Bowmore 19 Year Old French Oak / Amazon Exclusive (traded several times at WhiskyAuctioneer)
    – Macallan Easter Elchies Black 2018 Release (traded several times at WhiskyAuctioneer)

    Thanks in advance and best regards


    HI Tobbe,
    good observation!
    We held back new additions to our database for about 2 months now since we currently work on adding blends. The blend update should come next week, and then also the other added bottles (like the two you mentioned) will be available.

    Best wishes!


    The price update is now online!
    The Bowmore 19yo French Oak as well as the Easter Elchie Black are now available.
    Also we added blends, so Hibiki, Compass Box, …. are online too!

    AvatarDaren Seah

    Do you have anything on St Magdalene 1964 15yo Cadenhead Dumpy?


    Hi Daren,
    seems like we do not have two different price observations for that Magdalene yet.
    However, if you are looking for a price estimate you can use our Pricing Machine to get a first impression on how this bottle could be evaluated.

    Best wishes,
    Johannes from Whiskystats

    alan scottalan scott

    Good Morning, When I use the Database it returns Age, Vintage, Vol, ml and latest price for each bottle. Can these columns be adjusted by the user? If not would it be possible to add “Number of price observations” as a column? I know I can get this by clicking on the bottle description but I’m very lazy :-).
    Great database by the way!

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