Your first steps as a Whiskystats-Member

16. September 2015 | 3.9K Views
Please note that this article is based on the old Whiskystats database.
Some numbers and figures may not match what you find in the Whiskystats 2.0 database.

By being a Member of Whiskystats you gain access to our Whisky Database and various tools to analyse the secondary whiskymarket. In this article we will guide you through your first steps as a Whiskystats-Member. 

Becoming a Whiskystats-Member is as easy as it gets. Simply navigate to our registration-form and fill in a username and email-address and choose your password. After you have confirmed your email-adress (by clicking the link in the mail we sent you) you are ready to login on whiskystats.
Explore our Whisky Database
You can now search our database by either using the “livesearch” or the “detailed search”. If you use the livesearch, all bottles for which your query string matches their descriptions will be displayed. In the “detailed search” you can filter the database for specific distilleries, bottlers or regions. For both methods the results will be displayed beneath the search form. You can then sort the displayed data by simply clicking on the header of the column you wish to order by. Quicktip: You can sort the results on multiple columns by holding down the shift-key while clicking the respective columns.
See the Prices of every Bottle
In order to see the detailed price information of a bottle you can simply click on the bottle’s name in the search results. You will see a visualization of the observed prices as well as additional information on the bottle and the prices. Here you also have the possibility to add the bottle to your personal collection.
Create your personal Collection
In order to add a bottle to your personal collection you need to create a collection in the first place. For this purpose simply navigate to Your Collections. There you can add your collection by clicking on the “Add Collection” button.
In our upcoming articles we will show you how to manage your collection and what is hidden behind our Toolbox.