Feis Ile Bottlings by September 2019

27. September 2019 | 1.4K Views

In this article we want to have a look at the annual Feis Ile bottlings in detail. The most expensive releases traded for more than five thousand Euros. Bunnahabhain accounts for the highest number festival editions we track in our database. 

It is at the end of May each year, when whisky and music enthusiast gather on Islay to celebrate their passion for peated single malt whiskies. And each year, the distilleries come up with new special editions to account for the occasion. By the time of writing these lines, we track 212 different Feis Ile releases in our database.
Feis Ile Distilleries As apparent from the visualization above, Bunnahabhain and Bowmore issued the highest number of Feis Ile releases. Both distilleries dedicated almost 40 different whiskies to the festival. Laphroaig and Bruchladdich issued around 25 different bottlings each. Then follow the other active Islay distilleries which all released between 15 and 20 Feis Ile whiskies.
Feis Ile Age Around a quarter of all the Feis Ile bottlings we track has no age statement. We displayed those which state some information about the time of maturation above. Obviously, the bulk of whiskies is aged between ten to twenty years, with the majority being around 12 years old.

Feis Ile Market

In total we observed more then 16.000 trades for those 200 Feis Ile bottlings. In below chart we see the number of trades per month all the way back to early 2011. Like the overall whisky market, the number of traded festival bottlings is on a constant rise. While five years ago, we hardly ever observed more than 100 trades per month, we now witness high availability of those bottles on the market regularly. Since early 2018, the monthly turnaround was constantly above the 200 bottles threshold.
Feis Ile Trades You may have noticed the sudden spikes in the number of exchanged bottles. They all fall in the month of June, so right after the event took place. Seems like a lot of festival visitors bring their bottles straight on auctions after they fetched them on site. In June 2018 we observed almost 700 trades of Feis Ile bottlings. This year, it were little less than 600 bottles that changed their owner right after the festival.

Outstanding Feis Ile Releases

We now want to point out some rather outstanding releases. To begin with, we take a look at the most expensive Feis Ile bottlings. By September 2019 the single most expensive trade we ever observed for an Feis Ile whisky was made for the Ardbeg Auriverdes Gold (Feis Ile 2014). It was in June 2017 when we saw one of these 4,5 liter bottles being sold for almost 5.300 Euros. Another very costly festival whisky is the Ardbeg Fino Cask (Feis Ile 2005). In the last eight years we witnessed 26 trades for this Ardbeg single cask edition. It was in February 2019 when the price went as high as 3.500 Euros, but it then soon dropped to 2.700 Euros per bottle again.
Ardbeg Fino Cask Feis Ile Next up we look out for the most traded releases. On top of this list we find the Lagavulin 16yo (Feis Ile 2017). Since June 2017 we observed no less than 688 bottles being traded on the auction platforms we track. Thereby the prices bounced back and forth between 140 and 180 Euros, although they just recently scratched the 200 Euro mark. For the second most traded release, the Ardbeg (Feis Ile 2012), we witnessed a more solid growth in value. The 679 observations saw the price tag rise from below 200 Euros to now more than 350 Euros, which equals a 90% increase in price over the past six years.
Lagavulin Feis ILe 2017
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Found in Shops:
Ardbeg Kelpie / Committee Release Islay Single Malt Scotch Whisky
70cl / 51.7% - This is the limited edition Committee release of Ardbeg Kelpie, which was only available to Ardbeg Committee members when it was launched in 2017. A combination whiskies aged in virgin Black-Sea oak casks and bourbon barrels, this is rich and intense with notes of pepper, treacle toffee, Turkish coffee, dark chocolate and smoky bacon.
Fair Prized
399 GBP Shop Price at The Whisky Exchange
400 GBP Estimated Market Value
Lagavulin 12 Year Old / 18th Release / Special Releases 2018 Islay Whisky
70cl / 57.8% / Distillery Bottling - A triumphant entry for one of the annual Diageo Special Releases regulars – the Lagavulin 12 has only missed the very first edition in 2002. 2018's is sweeter than the past few years, with all of the smoke and seaside character that these bottlings are known for.
Fair Prized
114 GBP Shop Price at The Whisky Exchange
105 GBP Estimated Market Value
Ardbeg Kelpie / Ardbeg Day 2017 Islay Single Malt Scotch Whisky
70cl / 46% / Distillery Bottling - The 2017 release for Ardbeg Day is Kelpie. A combination whiskies aged in virgin Black-Sea oak casks and bourbon barrels, this is rich and intense with notes of pepper, treacle toffee, Turkish coffee, dark chocolate and smoky bacon.
Fair Prized
175 GBP Shop Price at The Whisky Exchange
160 GBP Estimated Market Value