Highest Gaining Scotch Whiskies I/II

8. June 2020 | 7.3K Views

Today we count down those scotch whiskies which realized the highest gains in value on the secondary market. From Islay to Speyside, from Orkney to the Lowlands, here come the places ten to six of the best performing whiskies of Scotland! 

Before we begin we want to explain the measures we applied to come up with this ranking. We here analyzed the value gains realized on the online whisky auction market over the past ten years. This means that we did not take the original retail price into account. We simply compared the first to the last price observation for the whiskies from Scotland among the currently 70 thousand bottles in our database (as of May 2020). So it is not the lowest to the highest price that we are comparing but the increase in value between the first and last observed trade.

#10 Compass Box Hedonism

Surprisingly we start off with a blend. Even better, it is not just a blend but a blended grain from Compass Box. There ever only existed 690 bottles of this first edition of the Hedonism, but it seems like it set out a profound base for the many other releases that followed. We currently count twelve different Hedonism editions in our database. The most expensive one, the Hedonism 10th Anniversary release, is coming in at more than 1400 Euros at the moment.
Compass Box Hedonism
But we are not counting down the most expensive whiskies but the ones with the highest relative price increase. The Hedonism 1st Edition traded for 99 Euros back in March 2012. After more than three years without any appearances on auctions it then reappeared in December 2018 when a bottle was sold for 1100 Euros. This equals a 1040% increase in value and secured a place in the top-ten of our ranking.

#9 Macallan Easter Elchies 2008

That we will stumble accross the one or the other Macallan in this ranking should be of no surprise for anybody with a slight interest for scotch whisky. The Easter Elchies series is a limited edition which is only available at the distillery once a year. On place nine we find the Macallan Easter Elchies 2008 release. This Speyside sherry bomb comes from two casks filled back in the years of 1995 and 1996.
Macallan Easter Elchies 2008 We recorded the first appearance on auctions back in November 2011 when a humble 231 Euros were paid. Then prices increased steadily to more than 2000 Euros in early 2017. The Macallan Price Rally saw prices climb to almost 9000 Euros at the peak in February 2018. After that we observed huge market inefficiencies since prices varied from 4000 to 8000 Euros within short periods of time. Just recently the price tag dropped to 3000 Euros which still equals an overall price increase of 1220%.

#8 Springbank 12yo 1980s

On place eight we find another fan favorite distillery. The 12yo Springbank Sherry Cask from the 1980s is a highly sought after release originally bottled for Samaroli Imports. Although there once existed 2400 bottles, this rare Campbeltown single malt makes it to auctions only very seldomly. So chances are high that there are not many bottles left. And according to several reviews there is good reason for that!
Springbank 12yo 1980s The first recorded trade dates back to March 2011. Even almost a decade ago this Springbank already achieved more than 1300 Euros and it gained value ever since. In February 2019 it scratched the 20000 Euros threshold. The latest price observation comes from November 2019 when it fetched roughly 18000 Euros. This 1250% increase in value equals place eight in our ranking.

#7 Compass Box Eleuthera

Yet another blend made it to this list and yet again it comes from Compass Box. Like for the Hedonism, there exist many expressions of the Eleuthera series too. The Eleuthera All Malt Scotch Whisky release is thereby the currently most expensive one and likewise experienced the highest increase in value over the past decade.
Compass Box Eleuthera At a price of 79 Euros it appeared on auctions for the first time in December 2013. Probably only very few people expected this whisky to reach almost 2000 Euros five years later in December 2018. The 1100 Euros from November 2019 lock-in a 1290% return on investment for the time being.

#6 Laphroaig 15yo d.1967 b.1982

Of course the Isle of Islay also needs to be present on this list. At place six we find a 15yo Laphroaig distilled in 1967 and bottled in 1982 by independent bottler Cadenhead. This sherry wood matured Laphroaig is a very rare sighting on auctions. In fact, we only ever observed two prices at all. But apparently you do not need more to achieve the sixth highest increase in price of all scotch whiskies.
Laphroag 15yo 1967 With 2600 Euros this bottles was not what you would call a bargain back in March 2013. But if you had known what prices would be achieved five years later, you would probably have considered a purchase. In October 2018 a staggering 37000 Euros have been paid for this Laphroaig. Very deservedly this brought the sixth place in our ranking!