Highest Gaining Scotch Whiskies II/II

30. July 2020 | 5K Views

We continue our countdown of the highest gaining scotch whiskies on the market. Will Compass Box and Macallan continue to dominate? Here come the places five to one of the best performing whiskies from Scotland! 

Again we want to point out that this ranking is based on the auction prices in our whisky database. Hence, we do not take the original retail prices into account but only value gains realized on the secondary market.
Also note that obviously this ranking is subject to change since new auction results come in each month. Similar to the first part of our ranking, this is a snapshot, this time taken in July 2020. But now, without further ado, here are the top whisky bottle investments of the last decade!

#5 Compass Box Eleuthera Mariage Cask

Back in 2005, french whisky importer La Maison du Whisky had its 50th anniversary. To celebrate the occasion, Compass Box invited the owner Thierry Benitah to pick one marrying cask of each the Eleuthera and Asyla which were bottled at a slightly higher strength than the regular releases. Both the Eleuthera (Mariage) and the Asyla (Mariage) currently trade for around 800 Euros.
Compass Box Eleuthera Mariage While the Asyla (Mariage) only appeared on our radar in 2017 when it already sold for roughly 700 Euros, our recorded price history for the Eleuthera (Mariage) goes back all the way to July 2011. Nine years ago, this Compass Box special release was available on auctions for less than 50 Euros. Until late 2013 the price tag did not change much before this bottle then disappeared from auctions for several years. The 840 Euros from January 2020 equal an 1580% gain in value!

#4 Macallan Seasonal Selection

Between 2005 and 2007 the Easter Elchies special editions were released in seasons. While all of these releases are highly collectable nowadays, it is the Summer 2007 release that made it to place four in our ranking. In May 2020 one of the once existing 285 bottles sold for almost 3.500 Euros. This is even more impressive when we look at the first price observation from March 2012 for around 180 Euros.
Macallan Seasonal Selection The price history of this Summer 2007 release perfectly displays what we called the Grand Macallan Price Rally. During 2016 to 2018 prices for rare Macallan releases skyrocketed which was also indicated by our Macallan index. This rally took the prices for the Summer 2007 release from 600 Euros all the way to above 4.000 Euros! Like for most other Macallan’s, prices then fell back slightly and seem to consolidate ever since.

#3 Macallan Easter Elchie 2009

Speaking of the Grand Macallan Price Rally we also need to mention the Easter Elchie 2009 release from cask 14016. The price hype brought one bidder to the conclusion that almost 19.500 Euros would be a reasonable price in December 2017 at Scotch Whisky Auctions. Looks like not many other market participants followed that lead since the price tag dropped back to below 10.000 Euros quickly. At the moment, the Easter Elchie 2009 release is trading for around 6.000 Euros.
Macallan Easter Elchie 14016 Still, taking into account the first trades from back in 2011, when this whisky was traded for 300 Euros or fewer, this secures a spot on the podium of the most profitable whisky bottle investments. Worth mentioning is that there lie 500 Euros between the two latest price observations from May 2020. So although it is the same whisky traded on the same platform in the same round of auctions we observe an almost 10% difference in price! Although we have to mention that on the cheaper lot there was slight wear to the carton.

#2 Glenlivet 31yo (1969) Cask 1392

No Macallan, no Compass Box, not even an Original Bottling. Place two of the highest gaining scotch whisky doesn’t quite fit the pattern we got used to. Bottle by independent bottler Signatory Vintage, this Glenlivet 31yo (1969) Cask 1392 was spotted on auctions only five times. The first observation comes from June 2011 when this Speyside single malt achieved 164 Euros.
Glenlivet 31yo 1969 The latest observation comes from the most recent round of auctions in June 2020. More than 3.500 Euros have been paid for this whisky. One can only wonder how many bottles of the 498 released back in 2000 still exist, and we may have to wait the one or the other year until the next one will appear on auctions.

#1 Macallan 10yo Cask Strength

Obviously, the fact that the scotch whisky with the highest relative value gain comes from the Macallan distillery is of no surprise for us. That it is an only 10 years-old 333ml bottle which currently trades for less than 1.000 Euro is something we did not see coming. The Macallan 10yo Cask Strength (333 ml) release gained more than 2.170% over the past eight years!
Macallan 10yo Cask Strength The first recorded trade comes from November 2012 and came in at 37 Euros. Until January 2018 the price then climbed to 249 Euros. But it is the 841 Euros paid in August 2019 at Scotch Whisky Auctions that catapulted this little bottle to the top of our ranking.
So yes, Compass Box and Macallan continued their domination of the highest gaining bottles of scotch whisky over the last decade. We are eager to find out which brands will take the crown in the 2020s!