The Whiskystats Price Update for April 2019

21. May 2019 | 1.8K Views

The top five distlleries are losing ground since those distilleries in the hunt are closing up. Islay whiskies are showing strong performance while the rise of Campbeltown releases came to an hault. Here it is, the price update for April 2019! 

In the last month we recorded 11.669 whisky bottles changing their owner. Our whisky database now holds 526.000 price observations of more than 36.000 thousand different whiskies. Macallan accounts for around 9,5% of the whole market. Bruichladdich, Highland Park and Springbank all top Ardbeg when it comes to the number of trades.

Major Index Movements

Our Whiskystats Whisky Index remains at its level of around 207 index points as it only moved up by 0,7% in April 2019. About the same is true for our Fab50 collection. The fifty included bottles currently have a market value of around 121.000 Euros. Far more movements can be observed when we have a look at our monthly updated distillery ranking.
Top distilleries by April 2019
All of our currently top five ranked distilleries, displayed in the graph above, lost index value. Rosebank lost its leading position to Karuizawa as its index dropped by 6,8%. Macallan continues its downward movement as our index again gave way by more than 4%. Since September 2018 the most traded Macallan bottlings lost almost 15% in value!
On the other side we find the rest of our top 10 ranked distilleries which indices all gained last month. Brora redeemed itself after that massive loss in March 2019 as its index now gained 3,5%. Ardbeg accounts for the best performance among our top 10 ranked distilleries. This Islay based distillerie´s index climbed by 5% which further secured its belonging to the top 10.
Region indices by April 2019
Our region indices indicate strong performance of all Islay distilleries. Since November 2018 our Islay index gained 17,4%. We also see that the growth of Campbeltown, which clearly sepperated itself from the Islands, came to an hault. Further at the top our Speyside index is of course struggling due to dropping Macallan prices.

Market Ambiguity

As mentioned in our price update for March 2019, the Game of Thrones releases dominated the market in the last round of auctions. While the Lochnagar House Baratheon release was the most traded whisky of this month too, it is the Clynelish House Tyrell bottling that caught our attention this time. The corresponding 81 price observations averaged to 160 Euros. If we further look at the single prices we note huge differences between the different auction houses. At (SWA, brown dots) prices leveled in at around 100 Euros. At the same time, at (WAE, orange dots), the cheapest trade was for 268 Euros.
Clynelish House Tyrell
But we have other examples for this obvious market inefficiency. Also from the Game of Thrones series there is the Oban Night´s Watch release. Here prices at went as low as 61 Euros while those at started at 153 Euros. And it is not only the recent Game of Thrones releases. The Glenlivet Cipher, which we track since June 2016, experienced a similar pattern. At you could get a bottle for as little as 80 Euros while at the same time, at, you had to spend 191 Euros.
For us this is clear evidence that more market participants should consider a Whiskystats membership! If you are already a Whiskystats member however, do not forget to recheck on the latest changes in value of your very personal whisky collections.