The Whiskystats Price Update for April 2020

12. May 2020 | 3K Views

Ardbeg is the most trade distillery of this month. Prices for Port Ellen soar up again while an old Springbank pushes its own price limit. Here is the Whiskystats Price Update for the very special month of April 2020! 

Oh dear! (SWA) is postponing their auctions due to the Covid-19 restrictions. And now, on the 20th April 2020, (WAE) became victim to a cyberattack causing their ongoing auction to stop and all future auctions to be postponed too. So out of the three auctioneers we track, only Germany based (WA) remains with business as usual.
To account for this and to cover the U.K. market this month too, we therefore decided to also track the prices on Whisky.Auction (W.A) from now on. Note that for the time being we only imported the results from their March and April 2020 auctions. The other historic results all the way back to April 2015 will be added within the next weeks.

Our Observations

Of course SWA and WAE are by far the biggest online auctioneers. With them we usually observe around fifteen thousand bottles of whisky being auctioned each month. With SWA and WAE temporarily out of business, this figure dropped to three-and-a-half thousand in the April round of auctions. In addition, this month’s prices are dominated by the German market because W.A is a comparably small auctioneer. In normal circumstances, the weight was clearly on the U.K. market simply due to the sheer number of bottles being traded there.
2020 Trades One notable effect of this is that it is not Macallan which is by far the most traded distillery. This time, the crown goes to Ardbeg. Macallan only comes in at the third place, even behind Bruichladdich. The Top 5 of the most traded distilleries of this month is completed by Springbank and Laphroaig. We also notice that the average price per bottle dropped to 315 Euros. This is due to the fact that many of the ultra-rare and ultra-expensive releases tend to appear on the big U.K. auction platforms more often.

Our Top Trades

Nevertheless, we witnessed many interesting bottles of whisky being traded in April 2020. Take the below displayed Springbank 1952 as an example. This Campbeltown single malt appeared on auctions only three times with each three years in between. We first observed it back in January 2014 when it was sold for 3.500 Euros. Three years later, in March 2017 it fetched 4.900 Euros which equaled a 40% increase in price. Again three years later, in April 2020 we saw almost 21.000 Euros being paid for this bottle. It more than quadrupled in price over the past three years! It will be interesting to find out what the price tag in 2023 will be.
Springbank 1952 Among the ten most traded whiskies of April 2020 we find four expressions from Ardbeg. The Blaaack, the Perpetuum and the Ardbog all made to the Top 10 as well as the 2018 Private Cask 02/54-4 bottling which prices averaged to 375 Euros. The second most traded whisky of this month was the Hibiki 17yo. Prices for this Japan blend seem to stabilized at a level of around 400 Euros per bottle. Quite an impressive price history for a whisky that was originally traded for far less than 100 Euros.

Our Indices

When you look at our distillery ranking you may notice that some indices have not been updated in April 2020. The reason for this is that we impose a minimum number of bottles being traded so we can calculate an index update (as we always did). For some distilleries, this threshold was not met in April so the respective index did not move. Other distilleries did see an index update, and many of them are in the greens. The most traded Rosebank releases gained another 4% in value. Bowmore gained 3% too and Port Ellen fought its way back across the 200 index points with a value increase of 7% in April 2020.
WWI Fab50 April 2020 This overall upward movement is also reflected by our two major indices. The Whiskystats Whisky Index (WWI) combines the change-in-value of the 500 most traded whiskies overall. A gain of 3.3% brought the WWI back to it’s February 2020 peak level. In some sense, the WWI is artificial since the whiskies contributing to it can change every month. This is different for the Fab50 which represents the value of a fixed set of fifty releases. As we can see above, this hand selected collection of premium releases clearly outperformed the overall market. Since mid 2018, our Fab50 index is fighting to get above the 400 points though, which would mean that the collection is now worth four times it’s original price.
More than 2.700 whiskies in our database experienced a price change in this latest round of auctions. Recheck with your collections to see how this price changes affected the bottles in your shelf.