The Whiskystats Price Update for August 2019

13. September 2019 | 2.5K Views

The Ichiro´s Malt Card series is flying high and lifts Hanyu to the top of our distillery ranking. Our major market indices bounce back after their July peak and some Moon-Import bottlings realize impressive value gains too. Here is the price update for August 2019! 

With the eleven thousand trades we observed in August our whisky database now holds 570 thousand price observations in total. These August prices averaged to around 465 Euros per bottle. With 314 recorded trades, Cadenhead was the most traded independent bottler. Interesting stats like these can be found in our Monthly Summary. There you will also find the top ten most traded bottles of the month.
Macallan Aera The 42 trades make the above displayed Macallan Aera the second most traded whisky of this month. Seems like secondary market prices are on a steady decline for this 2018 Macallan release. With 68 bottles traded, the 2019 Macallan Estate release is the overall most traded whisky of the month. The prices averaged to 260 Euros. Like for many new and rather famous releases, prices drop sharply after the first appearance on auctions.

Fab50 Update

Both our major market indices, the Whiskystats Whisky Index and the Fab50 Index, reached their new all-time peak in July 2019. And both indices now dropped backed by around 4% this month. The fifty bottles in our Fab50 index are now worth 122 thousand Euros again, which is about the same level as they have been since February 2019.
Fab50 August 2019 We now want to have a look at which particular bottles caused this drop for our fabulous fifty. Thirty-one out of the fifty included bottles experienced a price change in August and hence can be responsible for this movement. When we talk about value loss we find, among others, the Highland Park 28yo (1973) Single Cask 11151. This whisky was traded for 1050 Euros in June and now sold for only 850 Euros. Also in a downward movement are the Glenfiddich Snow Phoenix, the Macallan Private Eye 1996 release and the Springbank 32yo.
Highland Park Single Cask 11151 But we also find some value gainers among our fifty fabulous releases. The Balvenie Rose 2nd Edition is now trading for more than two-thousand Euros for the very first time. The Yoichi 20yo climbed to 1.400 Euros again. Similar is true for the Ardbeg 25yo (1975), which now sold for more than 800 Euros again.

Value Gainer

The big value gainers of August 2019 are the Hanyu Ichiro´s Malt Card releases! The Three of Spades traded for seven-thousand Euros, the Seven of Clubs for six-thousand Euros and the Queen of Spades jumped to ten-thousand Euros. But actually the most impressive price was recorded for the Five of Hearts which was sold for 9.700 Euros! All of these had of course a massive impact on our Hanyu distillery index. which soared up by more than 14% within a single round of auctions. This helped Hanyu overtake Rosebank and even Karuizawa to now top our distillery ranking!
Hanyu Index In our list of the top value gainers we also find three releases of independent bottler Moon-Import. The Laphroaig 9yo (1984) Sails in the Wind release from 1993 won 700% in value. It was last observed on auctions in November 2013 when it was sold for 255 Euros. Almost six years later it is traded for no less than two-thousand Euros. Quite a similar price history has the Bowmore 23yo (1985) Le Fanciulle Dell which now sells for 1.200 Euros. To complete the trio of Moon-Import value gainers we find the Glenlivet 23yo (1985) Le Fanciulle Dell. Prices for this Speyside whisky climbed from 170 Euros in June 2013 to now 1.140 Euros.

Remarkable Trades

When we talk about value gainers of August 2019 we also have to mention the Clynelish 23yo (1972) Rare Malts. In the past prices moved somewhere between 1.000 and 1.500 Euros with one exception of 2.500 Euros in October 2018. However, none of which would explain why now, in August 2019, a bidder was willing to pay more than 7.500 Euros for this Highlandy single malt.
Clynelish Rare Malts 23yo A quite interesting price observation was made for the below displayed Dalmore 25yo this month too. While at Scotch Whisky Auctions one bottle was sold for 720 Euros, a bidder at WhiskyAuctioneer paid almost double that price. Once again we can only highly recomment a Whiskystats membership if you want to prevent missprizing whisky like we witnessed in this example.
Dalmore 25yo
And if you already are Whiskystats member, do not forget to recheck on the latest price observations of your very own collections!

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Single Islay Malt (Bowmore) / 5 Year Old / Bot.1990s Islay Whisky
70cl / 40% / Distillery Bottling - A bottle of Single Islay Malt, distilled by Morrison Howat Distillers, the owners of Bowmore and bottled at 5 years of age. We believe this was bottled during the 1990s.
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70 GBP Estimated Market Value
Bowmore Tempest 10 Year Old / Batch 5 Islay Single Malt Scotch Whisky
70cl / 55.9% / Distillery Bottling - The fifth in Bowmore's Tempest series of cask-strength 10-year-old releases. This one, the second under master blender Rachel Barrie, allies some of Tempest 4's softer side with the intensity and weight of the earlier editions – the best of both worlds.
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