The Whiskystats Price Update for August 2020

17. September 2020 | 2.4K Views

Our Fabulous Fifty collection fabulously retains its value, but that’s about it. Meanwhile, Buffalo Trace battles Macallan when it comes to the most traded bottles. Here is the Price Update for August 2020! 

Last month we processed almost 16 thousand different trades of whisky bottles. As always, Macallan was the most traded distillery with more than 1000 bottles. But closely behind we find Buffalo Trace with over 900 bottles being auctioned. This of course includes all subbrands like Ancient Age and especially Blanton’s with its countless Single Barrel releases. By the end of this year, we expect to reach around 850 thousand matched price observations in our database.

Fabulous Standstill

Our major market index, the WWI, was not impressed by the sheer number of traded bottles. The historically 500 most traded whiskies gained only 0,18% in the August round of auctions. Our hand selected Fabulous Fifty collection even lost 2,41% in value. The Fab50 index now stands at 386 points which matches exactly the value from two years ago in August 2018. Hence, this remarkable collection of fifty bottles did not gain any value over the past two years.
Fab50 August 2020 We set up the collection together with the Whiskystats community back in Spring 2017. Reason for the standstill could be that we selected many bottles that showed an extraordinarely strong performance back then. Looks like many of these bottles now went through a time of price consolidation. These are releases like the Macallan Private Eye, the Port Ellen 1st Annual Release or the Ardbeg Very Old. They all retained their price level, or even lost some value.

Remarkable Trades

Also part of the Fab50 collection, but by no means standing still with regard to value growth, is the Karuizawa Noh Cask 3565. In early 2017 this Japanese single malt traded regularly for around 2.500 Euros. As it turned out, this was the end of the price correction that started on the peak of the Japaneses whisky boom when prices reached 3.800 Euros in mid 2015. Over the last three years prices steadily climbed again. In September 2018 4.600 Euros have been reached, in July 2019 the 5.000 Euro threshold was taken and now, in August 2020, we see more than 5.800 Euro being paid at both and
Karuizawa Noh Cask 3565 Another outstanding value gainer is the Glen Grant 31yo (1970) Single Cask 1043 by Samaroli. This Speyside single malt sold for 700 Euros in August 2016 and now achieved more than 7.000 Euros only four years later. The Yoichi 116.14 bottled by the Scotch Malt Whisky Society needed eight years for a similar price increase. The 2.300 Euros paid at equal an 800% return since November 2012. By the way, the Lagavulin 12yo Cask Strength release from 2008 dropped back to the 150-200 Euro price range after the ridiculous 640 Euros that have been paid at in June 2020.
As always, do not forget to keep an eye on the latest changes in value of your personal collections!