The Whiskystats Price Update for December 2019

21. January 2020 | 3.2K Views

The last round of auctions of 2019 is history. Karuizawa and Hanyu swap places in our distillery ranking while the overall market continues to stumble side wards. Here is our last monthly price update of the decade! 

Again more than fifteen thousand bottles of whisky were traded on auctions last month. Again Macallan accounted for the most trades and for five of the top ten most traded bottles. The Edition No.5 is this month only beaten by the Easter Elchies Black 2019 Edition of which we observed 87 bottles changing their owners for an average price of 813 Euros. But the sheer mass of trades do not prevent our Macallan distillery index to lose yet again. The 100 most traded Macallan whiskies lost slightly by 0,42% like they did most of the year.
WWI by December 2019 The above displayed Whiskystats Whisky Index (WWI) is loosing ground constantly too ever since July 2019. However, the speed of decrease seems to slow down and December 2019 saw the historically 500 most traded whiskies only loosing 0,2%. Nevertheless, 2019 marks the year with the poorest performance of our major market index. But more on that in our upcoming Annual Report for 2019!

Distillery Ranking

Our monthly updated distillery ranking saw many leaders in 2019. After long years in which Macallan and Karuizawa were battling for the crown, Karuizawa lost this title to Rosebank early this year. But the silent Japanese distillery came back and led the table until the summer months. Then Hanyu rushed by, especially driven by the exploding prices for the Playing Card Series. But in the closing months of the year that rush ended as the most traded Hanyu bottlings lost more than 7% in December 2019.
Top 5 distilleries December 2019 So by the end of the year, the Top 3 of our distillery ranking are exactly the same as at the beginning. Karuizawa leads the table once again, followed by Rosebank and Hanyu. Macallan is no real contender since the Macallan Price Rally ended in September 2018. The fifth distillery in our picture is one to look out for. Our Yamazaki index is gaining constantly, without any major drops. In 2019, it gained a solid 11,7%.
Top 3 distilleries December 2019 Further down the list we also saw Ardbeg and Yoichi swapping places. Another strong gainer of December 2019 seems to be Glengoyne. The included bottles gained almost 5% in value this month. But when looking at the overall index, it seems like this could only be a small hiccup in the overall downward movement we witness since January 2018. Over the last 24 months, the Glengoyne index lost more than 10%.

Remarkable Trades

Beside the above mentioned Macallans, we find some other interesting releases on the list of the most traded whiskies of the month. Leaving aside the Yamazaki 12yo and Yamazaki 18yo, which are traded heavily month after month, there are two newcomers. The Octomore Concept X4+10 was traded no less 47 times. On average this 10 years-old Islay single malt achieved 300 Euros. The Chichibu London Edition 2019 even achieved an average price 561 Euros with its 37 trades. Single lots even went as high as 650 Euros!
Another interesting trade of December 2019 is the Tullibardine 40yo (1968) Cask 130. This Highland single malt is seen on auctions only every other year. In fact, we haven’t observed it since back in May 2015 when it sold for 500 Euros. Now, more than four and a half years later, 2.300 Euros were paid. Fun fact, this equals an annual return of around 40,3%, which matches exactly the alcohol volume.
Tullibardine Cask 130 At last, we want to point out two releases of the Scotch Malt Whisky Society. The Laphroaig 29.53 sold for 300 Euros. This special “With Friends” edition was available for 60 Euros five years ago. More impressive is the Longmorn 7.29 though. This 36 years-old 2004 bottling achieved a whopping 1.700 Euros this month.
How did your personal whisky collection performed this month? Find out and start tracking the market now!

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