The Whiskystats Price Update for December 2021

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Strong value gains across the board. Macallan, Springbank and Yamazaki stand out while a Game of Thrones release raises some question marks. This is the Whiskystats Price Update for December 2021! 

The results of the December round of auctions are in, and what a send-off to 2021 it was. All of our region indices are in the green and the 500 historically most traded whiskies gained a whopping 6,32% in value. This saw our Whiskystats Whisky Index separating itself clearly from the 300 points mark which it defeated only in July. It now stands at 330 index points and of course, that is a new all-time peak. In total, we observed more than 16,5 thousand whisky bottles changing their owners which led to new price points for 8,5 thousand bottles in our database.
WWI by December 2021 When looking at this month’s index movements it is Speyside and Campbeltown that call out for special attention. The 100 most traded whiskies for both these Scotch regions increased by more than 12% in price since November! Our Campbeltown index jumps above 250 points and our Speyside index is approaching the 400 points threshold. The two main drivers (but by no means the only ones) were Macallan and Springbank. And for both these distilleries, it was a very specific group of bottles that stood out.

Macallan 18-years-old

Overall our Macallan index increased by an impressive 9,52% in December. Among the 100 whiskies included this month, there is a striking number of 18-years-old with remarkable prices predominantly realized on Take the Macallan 18yo (1996 and earlier) displayed below. Prices already increased strongly over the past two years but now jumped from around 750 Euros to almost 1.250 Euros. The Macallan 18yo (1994 and earlier) went from 1.000 Euros to 1.300 Euros while the Macallan 18yo (1995 and earlier) is now selling for 1.250 Euros too.
Macallan 18yo Vintage 1996 and earlier This story repeats with the Macallan 18yo (1990 and earlier), the Macallan 18yo (1997 and earlier) and the Macallan 18yo (2017 Release) which all achieved new record prices after they already gained strongly over the past two years. We could go on listing more 18yo with new price records but there are also some other Macallan releases worth mentioning. The Easter Elchie (2010 Release) fetched almost 5.000 Euros after it was selling for half of that only a year ago. And then there is the Archival Series (Folio 1) which is now trading for almost 15.000 Euros on It was only in 2018 when this whisky was available for way below 1.000 Euros.

Springbank Local Barley

The major force behind our Campbeltown index is of course Springbank. With an index gain of 8,48%, it is the second big winner of the December 2021 round of auctions. Again, there was one particular group of bottles that caught our eye, and that is the Local Barley series. The history of the Springbank 11yo Local Barley (2006) that is depicted below leaves no question about the strong price momentum of Springbank that we observe since the middle of 2020. Over this 18-month period, the price tag for one of these once 9 000 bottles almost quadrupled.
Springbank Local Barley 2006 And again this is not the only example. Prices for the Springbank 16yo Local Barley (1999) ranged between 1.300 Euros and 1.800 Euros. Until now, gains were severe but on a steady pace as the price tag moved from 350 Euros in late 2019 to around 1.000 Euros in November 2021. The Springbank 9yo Local Barley (2009) is now selling for 500 Euros on average while the Springbank 10yo Local Barley (2010) achieved 800 Euros on average but single lots went as high as 900 Euros. At last we also have to mention the Springbank “First Bottle Of The 21st Century” which sold for 6.600 Euros after we haven’t seen it on auctions since the 600 Euros back in June 2014.

Remarkable Trades

When you look at the above price movements they all look very clear and an overall trend is easy to identify. Well, this is not quite the case for the below displayed Dalwhinnie Game of Thrones (House Stark). Initial auction results back in 2019 were very high but quickly levelled in at around or below 50 Euros where they remained until early 2021. Then, prices at UK auctions started to climb and now surpassed 150 Euros and even 200 Euros at times while prices in the EU remained well below 100 Euros. Even with all costs added buying this whisky at EU auctions is currently the cheaper option.
Dalwhinnie Game of Thrones Another big value winner of this month was Yamazaki as our index climbed by 7,23%. The Yamazaki 18yo (and all its different versions) now arrived at 1.000 Euros and the Mizunara Cask 2017 is approaching 7.000 Euros. A bottle of the Balvenie Single Barrel 15200 reappeared on auctions exactly 10 years after we saw the last one. It now sold for 1.100 Euros which equals a 370% increase compared to the 235 Euros from December 2011.
Once again the secondary whisky market proved to be everything but boring. Stay on top of the market by becoming a Whiskystats member!



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