The Whiskystats Price Update for February 2017

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Please note that this article is based on the old Whiskystats database.
Some numbers and figures may not match what you find in the Whiskystats 2.0 database.

The February round of auctions included a special Macallan Sale at Bonhams Hong Kong. Our Glenmorangie index continues to rise, while the most traded Bowmore bottles experienced a small price setback after an astonishing peak in January 2017.

No less than 4.741 prices were added to our whisky database this month. For the first time in Whiskystats history, these prices come from three different auctioneers. On we observed 2.042 trades from which 1.847 belong to whiskies which are currently displayed in our database (i.e. have more than two different price observations). From we imported 2.645 prices where 2.330 of them belong to whiskies with more than two different price observations overall. And then there are 54 observed trades from the Bonhams Hong Kong Macallan Sale. 42 of them belong to Macallans which are displayed in our database.
WWI by February 2017 Our Whiskystats Whisky Index (WWI) continues to climb. Consequently it again reached a new peak as it now stands at 320,54 index points. Since October 2016 the value of the 300 most traded single malts climbed by almost 10%. One obvious reason for this is the good performance of the 100 most traded Islay whiskies, which are summarized in the Whiskystats Islay Index.
Islay Index by February 2017 Here we see that the Islay index dropped by more than 9% from August to October 2016. Since then, the 100 included Islay bottlings continuously gained value. Since Islay whiskies belong to the most traded single malts, most of the bottles which are included in our Islay Index are also included in our WWI and hence the WWI shows a similar behavior.

Most Traded

This month´s most traded distillery is of course Macallan since we had a “Macallan only” auction in Hong Kong. On the places follow Islay located Ardbeg and Laphroaig. The most traded independet bottler of February 2017 is Gordon & MacPhail. We observed 145 trades of Gordon & MacPhail bottlings alone. The list of the most traded single malts of this month is dominated by the Yamazaki Limited Edition 2016.
Yamazaki Limited Edition 2016 by February 2017 This whisky was traded 49 times this month. The corresponding prices averaged to 173 Euros. The first price observations come from June 2016 and were way beyond the 200 Euro threshold. With 28 trades the Macallan 18yo Fine Oak is the second most traded whisky of the month. Prices for this bottling seem to settle in at a little more than 150 Euros.


In this month we observed some truly exceptional trades. On top of them is a price observation for the Macallan 13yo (1990) Exceptional Single Cask 24680. During the last years this bottle was traded for 400 to 700 Euros. The latest price observation came from April 2016 with 375 Euros.
Macallan Exceptional Single Cask by February 2017 Now, in February 2017, one bottle was sold at for an astonishing price tag of 2.000 Euros. Another price observation we want to point out is one for the Bowmore 44yo (1964) Gold Edition. A 44-year-old Bowmore is indeed quite exceptional, and this is probably why already the eldest price we find in our database lies at 3.000 Euros back in April 2013.
Bowmore Gold by February 2017
Since then, this bottle was only traded at Bonhams Hong Kong. There, the prices went as high as 8.818 Euros in May 2016. In August 2016, the price dropped to 6.614 Euros. In our recent article where we introduced the Hong Kong auction results, it seemed like the achieved prices in Europe slowly close up to those observed in Hong Kong. The same is true for this Bowmore. In February 2017 it was sold for 6.748 Euros at which is about the same as five months earlier in Hong Kong.

Distillery Movements

At last we take a look at our monthly updated distillery ranking. We see that the introduction of the Bonhams Hong Kong prices finally lifted Macallan to the second place only behind Hanyu and leaving behind Karuizawa. Other than that, this month saw no movements in the top 10 of this ranking.
Bowmore Index by February 2017 If we look further south, we see that Bowmore lost two places and now resides on place 16. The Bowmore index, which explains the value development of the 100 most traded Bowmore bottlings, lost almost 4% in February 2017. Even more remarkable is that the same index gained more than 6% in January 2016. So what we now observed seems to be a classical counter movement to the price increase in January.
Glenmorangie Index by February 2017The winner of this month seems to be Glenmorangie. In February 2017 the Glenmorangie index climbed by 2,3% which brought the distillery 7 places up in our distillery ranking. Since November 2016, the 100 most traded Glenmorangie bottlings gained 6,16% in value. Glenmorangie currently resides at place 38 out of 129 in our ranking.
As every month, do not forget to check the latest value of your personal collection!

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