The Whiskystats Price Update for February 2022

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Prices for collectable Springbank go wild! At the same time, we see strong value gains for Yamazaki, Brora and Glenglassaugh too while some Macallan Classic Cuts realize outstanding value gains. Here is the Whiskystats Price Update for February 2022! 

This latest round of auctions was remarkable for many reasons. It is the third consecutive month in which all of our region indices are in the greens. In addition, both our Whiskystats Whisky Index and Fabulous 50 collection index gained 2,8% too. To top that off all our indices for the top 10 distilleries in our ranking are on the plus side too. Yamazaki and Brora stand out as both gained around 8% within a single round of auctions. Glendronach and Bowmore gained 5% each and top-ranked Karuizawa could increase by another 4,5%. But all of that is dwarfed when we look at the 1.227 prices that came in for Springbank.

Springbank to the Moon!

The historically 100 most traded Springbanks gained more than 18% last month! Combined, these 100 bottles were worth 55.000 Euros a couple of weeks ago and now sold for 65.000 Euros (and hence the 18% index gain). No less than 84 out of these 100 bottles increased in value. And those who lost value mostly did so because they experienced extreme gains the round before and now levelled in, like this Springbank 10yo (Cream Label). Since November last year, our Springbank index increased by no less than 38%. This makes Springbank the most sought after distillery on the secondary market at the moment.
Springbank Rum Wood The above displayed Springbank 15yo Rum Wood is the perfect example of one of the whiskies that is responsible for these index movements. Only a couple of months ago prices were well below 300 Euros, which was already impressive considering the close to 100 Euros from early 2020. But this seems like a long time ago as the latest prices ranged from 460 to 550 Euros and averaged to around 525 Euros. Same story for the below displayed Springbank 14yo Bourbon Wood. Some lots came in at close to 800 Euros buyer price which is nothing but impressive.
Springbank Bourbon Wood But the above two examples were not even the top performing Springbanks of the month. The Springbank 13yo (2003) Single Cask realized 1.200 Euros after it sold for 685 Euros only in January 2022. One level higher this Springbank 21yo Single Cask jumped from 1.250 Euros to 2.100 Euros with one lot even exceeding 2.300 Euros buyer price. And then there are of course the Local Barleys which we already pointed out in our December 2021 Price Update. Prices for the Springbank Local Barley 16yo (1999) varied between 2.000 and 2.800 Euros for example.

Macallan Classic Cut

When we talk about severe value gains on the secondary whisky market we of course talk about Macallan. But while our Macallan index saw a plus of “only” 1,6% in February 2022, it was the Classic Cut series that caught our attention. The below displayed Classic Cut 2017 Release was selling for 1.200 Euros on average but saw huge price variability. It is worth noting though that between the 1.000 Euro prices from and the 1.500 Euro prices from lay almost a week. A fact that our soon to be released new website will address as prices will be updated as they come in!
Macallan Classic Cut 2017 The Classic Cut 2018 Release basically experienced a similar price movement as it is now trading for 550 Euros. A little more than six months ago the Classic Cut 2019 Release was available for around 130 Euros. That price tag now exceeds 300 Euros. And then there is the Classic Cut 2021 Release which is still available for approximately 200 Euros at times. How long that will be the case remains to be seen though.

Vintage Glenglassaugh

But it is not all Springbank and Macallan this month. The second-best performing distillery of February 2022 is Glenglassaugh, a name that we do not mention too often when pointing out the auction highlights in our Monthly Price Updates. Our Glenglassaugh index gained a staggering 11% in this round of auctions. Responsible for this is primarily the Rare Cask Release series with its plus 40 years matured single cask releases. There is the Glenglassaugh 42yo Rare Cask 1865 displayed below. Distilled in 1973 and released in 2015, this Highland single malt is now selling for almost 2.000 Euros.
Glenglassaugh Rare Cask 1865 With 41 years of maturation, the Glenglassaug Rare Cask 761 is only slightly younger. A couple of years after its bottling in 2014 this whisky was selling for roughly 800 Euros on auctions. In 2020 prices climbed to 1.000 Euros, then moved to 1.300 Euros in 2021 and now arrived at 1.800 Euros. The Glenglassaugh 41yo Rare Cask 1282/1 is selling for 1.800 Euros too while the 40yo Rare Cask 3171 is fetching 1.500 Euros at the moment.
Looks like Springbank is the dominant factor in the secondary whisky market at the moment. Make sure you stay on top of the market by becoming a Whiskystats member!



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    I have a bottle of aged ten 100 proof springbank singlemalt whiskey.70cl 57 vol.dont see anything mentioned about that whiskey.put a pic up beside cream label springbank 10 year old but its not the same it’s different.any info on this will be welcome


    Hi Robert,
    you are probably looking for this one:

    Note that you can click on the latest price observation to get a visual reference for the bottles.

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