The Whiskystats Price Update for January 2016

14. February 2016 | 4.8K Views
Please note that this article is based on the old Whiskystats database.
Some numbers and figures may not match what you find in the Whiskystats 2.0 database.

Another round of whisky auctions went by. Thousands of bottles changed their owners and as every month, we have collected this data and now summarize the results for you. This is the price update for January 2016. 

And what a month it was! With 4.673 price observations, January 2016 was the busiest month in Whiskystats history. These prices belong to 2.432 different bottles in our database. The average price per bottle was 325 Euros, which is slightly below the value of the previous couple of months. For sure, Ardbeg was yet again the most traded distillery with 414 observed trades. On the places follow the usual suspects Macallan, Bowmore and Bruichladdich. New to this top five is Arran for which we recorded 185 trades. Japan lost its forth place of December 2015 in the most traded regions list to the Islands. The Scotch Malt Whisky Society grabbed the silver medal in the most traded independent bottler category. Find out more in our monthly summary.
The Most Traded Bottles
In the top 10 listing of the most traded bottles, the Ardbeg Perpetuum Release (55 trades) and the Yamazaki Limited Edition 2014 (34 trades) once again top all others. New to this list is the Arran Smugglers Series Volume One. The first price observations of this bottle come from December 2015. This month, secondary market prices fell below the 200 Euros for this Arran NAS expression. With 30 trades, the Glenmorangie Midwinter Dram is the third most traded bottle of the month. Since first observations in November 2015, the prices of this bottle are on a steady decline and now hit 75 Euros.
Comeback of the Month
The comebacker of this month’s auctions is also a newcomer. First and last time we saw the Longmorn 30yo (1969) Old Malt Cask from Douglas & Laing was back in May 2006. With 217 Euros, this bottle probably wasn’t an every day’s dram back then. Now, in January 2016, we made the second price observations of 930 Euros. Consequently, this bottle was added to our database and you can now track its value should it ever appear on our radar again. By the way, this equals an almost 330 % increase in price over nine and a half years, Slainthe!
Newcomer of the Month
In total, we added 295 new bottles to our whisky database. The most outstanding newcomer is the Karuizawa 12yo (1994). First time we spotted one of these 505 bottles from Cask 2221 was in July 2007 for 92 Euros. It now showed up again and was sold for 1081 Euros. Another newcomer is the recently released Laphroaig 16yo (200th Anniversary). Prices for this anniversary-bottling just fell below 100 Euros. There are also 9 newcomers who managed to achieve the exact same result as their first observation was. There is for example the Speyside 17yo (1993) from Cask 1411 bottled by Speciality Drinks. First observation in May 2012 was 66 Euros, last observation in January 2016 was 66 Euros.

Value Gainer
On top of our monthly value-gainer list is of course the newcomer of the month, the Karuizawa 12yo (1994) from Cask 2221. The Kilkerran Work in Progress 5 achieved an astonishing price as well. In the year of 2014 we observed three prices which were all around 50 Euros. The latest price observation is 292 Euros which corresponds to a 496% increase. We wonder if this is an outlier or if there will be other trades of this magnitude in the upcoming auctions. The oldest vintage in the value-gainer list is the Glenfiddich 22yo (1961). This bottle experienced a 470% increase in value and sells for more than 1100 Euros now.
Distilleries´ Movements
We recently added the whiskystats distillery ranking to our toolbox. There are the 126 distilleries ranked for which we were able to calculate our distillery index. In this listing, you will find the distilleries ranked by their latest index value as well as the index-movements of the last month. In other words, this is an all-time ranking of the distilleries by their secondary market price evolutions.
Out of the top 10, except of Hanyu and Macallan all indices lost points. The Yamazaki-index even dropped by 3% while Hanyu, the leader of our ranking, gained another 3%. The winners of this month`s auctions are Balblair and Kilkerran. Both moved 12 places up the list. Kilkerran even gained almost 8% and now stands at 141 points. Since October 2015, this Campbeltown distillery’s index climbed by 40%! On the other side, the index of Auchroisk lost 8,6%. Something similar happened in September 2015. After that, the prices of the 19 included bottles climbed by almost 14% within a three month period.
The next whisky auctions´ lots are already on display. We are eager to find out what market movements will dominate this upcoming round of auctions.