The Whiskystats Price Update for January 2017

14. February 2017 | 2.8K Views
Please note that this article is based on the old Whiskystats database.
Some numbers and figures may not match what you find in the Whiskystats 2.0 database.

The first auction round of the year 2017 is history. Our overall secondary market index, the WWI, continues to climb while Laphroaig again overtook Ardbeg. Also, the Highland Park Fire Edition was added to our database. 

Compared to January 2016, January 2017 was relatively quiet with only 3.635 bottles traded. With 975 bottles, Islay is by far the most traded single malt whisky region of this month. A quick look at our Whiskystats Whisky Index reveals that the overall price level continues to rise.
WWI by January 2017 With almost 314 index points the WWI is again as high as it never was before. Since January 2014, the value of the 300 most traded single malt whiskies increased by more than 53%.
The most traded whisky of this month is the Yamazaki 18yo Original Bottling. There were 31 bottles traded and prices for this japanese single malt currently stay at around 350 Euros. Only four years ago it was traded for around 100 Euros. Also among the most traded whiskies of the month is the Wolfburn Single Malt Original Bottling. Although prices fell from around 70 Euros in August 2016, with 52 trades within the last six months it seems like the quite young distillery of Wolfburn attracts some attention indeed.
Highland Park Fire & Ice
Among this month’s price observation there was also the second one for the Highland Park Fire Edition and hence it was added to our whisky database. The first price comes from December 2016 where it was sold for 300 Euros. The latest price observations now averaged to 259 Euros. For us, this sounds like the perfect occasion to have a look at the Highland Park Ice Edition, for which we track prices since March 2016.
Highland Park Ice Edition by January 2017 First thing we notice is that the prices dropped significantly compared to their initial price observation of little less than 600 Euros. For the last couple of months it seemed like the prices stabled slightly above 200 Euros. Now, in January 2017, they jumped up to around 250 Euros again. We wouldn’t be surprised to see a comparable price evolution for the Fire Edition in the upcoming couple of months.
Karuizawa Single Casks
This month we want to point out some Karuizawa single cask bottlings that quite significantly gained in value. Generally this is of no surprise, considering Karuizawa taking the second place in our distillery ranking and single cask bottlings being very collectable anyway. There is, for example, the Karuizawa 42yo (1968) Single Cask 6955. The last price observation we have comes from March 2016 and was 4.280 Euros. Now, in January 2017, the price label stays at 6.900 Euros, which equals more than 60% increase in value.
Karuizawa Single Cask 6955 by January 2017 Similar holds for the Karuizawa 29yo (1985) Single Cask 8897. 4.600 Euros were paid which is 44% more than the 3.200 Euros from September 2016. The Karuizawa 40yo (1972) Single Cask 8833 was traded for around 1.100 Euros back in 2013. Now it was sold for 6.900 Euros.
Laphroaig on the Rise
In our recent 2017 Annual Report we saw the Laphroaig distillery battling with Ardbeg for a top spot in our distillery ranking. In this month, Laphroaig again overtook Ardbeg to reside at place 10 in our ranking.
Laphroaig Index by January 2017 A look further down the distillery list reveals that Bowmore is the winner of the month. The Bowmore index climbed by 7% and now stands at 228 index points. Other notable value gainers are Loch Lomond and Balvenie. The 35 whiskies that we track in our Loch Lomond index increased by 5,7% in value. Balvenie´s most traded 100 single malt whiskies gained 3,8% in value.
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