The Whiskystats Price Update for July 2016

12. August 2016 | 3.3K Views
Please note that this article is based on the old Whiskystats database.
Some numbers and figures may not match what you find in the Whiskystats 2.0 database.

With the latest price observations the Feis Ile 2016 bottlings arrived in the Whiskystats database. The Highland Park index stopped its steady climb while a Glen Garioch Single Cask expression quintupled in value over the last 14 months. 

Although is on a summer break, we still observed 2.527 trades on and added the prices to our database. These prices affected 1.482 whiskies we track and averaged to 290 Euros per bottle. The fact that we only have prices from one auctioneer this month didn’t changed much in the overall market pattern. Ardbeg and Islay remain the most traded distillery and region, followed by Macallan and Speyside, respectively. Our whiskystats whisky index continued to break new records since it again climbed by 1,8% to reach its all time high at 282 index points. This index, which describes the price development of the 300 most traded single malt whiskies, now consists of 20.277 price observations.
The WWI by July 2016 
Feis Ile 2016
The Feis Ile 2016 was held from Friday 20th to Sunday 29th May. Many (if not all) Islay distilleries use this occasion to issue a special Feis Ile bottling. Since we require the whiskies in our database to have at least two price observations from different round of auctions (months) it is now that the first of these bottlings appear in our database. At the moment, nine different Feis Ile 2016 bottlings are displayed. Three come from Bunnahabhain, two from Bowmore and one from Ardbeg, Caol Ila, Kilchoman and Lagavulin. You find those bottles by simply typing “Feis Ile 2016” in the quick search of our whisky database.
The most expensive one of these whiskies is also the most traded one. We observed incredible 101 trades within the last two months for the Lagavulin 18yo Feis Ile 2016. Prices in June 2016 went as far as 321 Euros and averaged to 274 Euros. The 46 price observations of this month only varied from 236 to 249 Euros and averaged to 244 Euros. Furthermore, this Lagavulin is the most traded single malt whisky of this month.
Lagavulin 18yo Feis Ile 2016 The cheapest one of those latest Feis Ile bottlings is the Bowmore 33yo Feis Ile 2016. If you want to buy one of these bottles on auctions you will need to pay something around 100 Euros now since the twelve prices from July 2016 averaged to 95 Euros. Those twelve price observations also mean that this Bowmore is among the ten most traded whiskies of this month. Bowmore Feis Ile 2016 
Highland Park and Glenglassaugh
You might wonder what the Highland Park and Glenglassaugh distillery have in common. Well, for both of this distilleries the latest price observations brought a change in trend of their respective distillery index. For Glenglassaugh this was only a small trend. After those 63 whiskies included in this distillery´s index gained almost 8% in value from December 2015 to April 2016, the last two months saw those prices fall again for more than 3%. In this month though, it seems like the small set back is over since the Glenglassaugh index gained 2% again.
For the Highland Park distillery things are a little bit more spectacular. It was one year ago when the value of the 100 included Highland Park whiskies started to rise constantly. From July 2015 to June 2016 the worth of those whiskies climbed by 11% and the Highland Park index reached it´s all-time peak at 177 index points. Now those whiskies lost 3% in value within a single month. Highland Park Index July 2016 
New on Whiskystats
Beside those nine Feis Ile 2016 bottlings mentioned above we added another 156 whiskies to our database. One of those newcomers who truly stand out is the Glen Garioch 13yo (1998) Single Cask 4633. Only a little more than one year ago one of the 210 bottles existing changed its owner for 69 Euros. Now another bottle was sold and the 366 Euros paid keep us wondering if this is an extreme outlier or a true indicator for the new price level of this whisky.
Another newcomer worth mentioning is the Bunnahabhain 38yo (1970) Cask 4073 bottled by Duncan Taylor. Only 221 bottles came out of Cask 4073 and only two bottles found their way on a whisky auction so far. The first one appeared in November 2010 and was sold for 118 Euros. The second one achieved 445 Euros now which means that this whisky´s value almost quadrupled within less than six years.
Back on Whiskystats
It is always fun to also look out for those whiskies which haven’t been traded for a long (long) time and now suddenly pop up on an auction again. This month´s comebacker is the Mortlach 22yo (1962) from Cadenhead. After the first price observation back in April 2007 it took more than nine years till the possibility came to buy another one of these bottles on an online auction. While this whisky wasn’t exactly cheap back then (432 Euros), it now sold for more than 960 Euros. This equals a 100% increase in value over a nine-year period.
As always, don’t forget to check if any of these new prices affected some of the whiskies in your personal collections!