The Whiskystats Price Update for July 2020

13. August 2020 | 2.4K Views

Port Ellen continues its comeback and pushes the Islay region along. Rosebank is flying high too while the 20yo Lagavulin Feis Ile 2020 release is flooding the market. Here is the Price Update for July 2020! 

We observed almost 10,5 thousand bottles of whisky changing their owner last month. With 102 trades, the Lagavulin 20yo Feis Ile 2020 is the most “liquid” whisky of the month. On average 327 Euros have been paid for this Feis Ile release. The highest price was observed on Whisky.Auction where one bit reached almost 500 Euros. The cheapest trades comes from where seven lots achieved only 300 Euros. Again a prime example that market insights pay off and can save decent money.

Index Movements

Our major market index, the WWI, gained another 1,67% in July. In 2020 the WWI, which summarizes the change in value of the most traded releases, gained 16,8% already. After the 2019 Q2 dent the market obviously continues it’s long term linear value growth. In 2019, we had an overall annual growth of merely 4%, mainly caused by a very poor second half. So it will be interesting to see how the remaining months of 2020 turn out.
Whiskystats Whisky Index July 2020 To break these movements further down, we now take a look at our region indices. As always we leave Japan out of the visual comparison simply because its index is off the chart, although the historically 100 most traded Japanese whiskies lost 1,3% in July 2020. Best of the rest is Islay, which clearly separated itself from Speyside again. From May to December 2019 our Islay index lost more than 21%. It thereby dropped below the Speyside index, which continued its sideward movement at around 225 index points. However, in 2020 the Islay index gained more than 26% already!
Whisky Regions July 2020 Based on this visualization, we can see that the 2019 Q2 downward movement affected the whole market. All region’s performance indices lost ground simultaneously. More or less the same is true for the upward movement we observed in 2020 so far. Sure, Islay gained the most and Speyside seems to linger in the sideward movement, but they all gained. Meanwhile, the Highlands and the Lowlands continue their battle for place three among the best performing scotch whisky regions.

Rosebank and Port Ellen

On top of our monthly updated distillery ranking Rosebank made a huge leap forward to a new all-time high at 432 index points. The eighteen releases that drove the Rosebank index this month gained more than 11% on a monthly basis. This included the Rosebank 20yo (1981) Rare Malts for which a ridiculous 2.000 Euros were paid! Ridiculous because only in May prices stood at 700 Euros and then 1.000 Euros in June. Also the Rosebank 21yo The Roses (3rd Edition) sold for 1.800 Euros again.
Port Ellen and Rosebank Index Further down the ranking we see that Port Ellen fought its way back into the top ten. In July the most traded Port Ellen releases gained another 2.86% which secured the silent Islay legend place nine in our ranking. Port Ellen perfectly mirrored the behavior we saw above in the Islay region index. From April to December 2019 the distillery index lost more than 18% only to gain 19% ever since. This brought the index even close to its all-time peak at 230 points from back in February 2018.

Remarkable Trades

In our recent countdown of the highest gaining scotch whiskies, Compass Box accounted for three of the top ten positions. The Eleuthera (Mariage) secured place five with a 1580% return on investment and got even more expensive in this round of auctions. And now yet another Single Marrying Cask release is gaining some attention. The Compass Box Mariage release for La Maison du Whisky was traded two times so far. In February 2018 it reached 150 Euros, in August 2018 it were 225 Euros. Two years later it now arrived at 1.700 Euros at This equals a staggering 650% increase in value!
Caperdonich 35yo Also among the top value gainers of the latest round of auctions are two Caperdonich vintage 1972 releases both from independent bottlers. The above displayed Caperdonich 35yo (1972) from Duncan Taylor achieved almost 1.900 Euros at It is only two years ago when it regularly traded for around 500 Euros. Similar is true for the Caperdonich 38yo (1972) from the Whisky Agency/Perfect Dram. In December 2019 we observed a trade for 1.080 Euros. Now, again at, 3.700 Euros have been paid. Quite an impressive performance for the now silent Caperdonich distillery which used to be called Glen Grant 2.
As always, here comes a small reminder to recheck on the latest changes in value of your personal whisky collections tracked on Whiskystats!