The Whiskystats Price Update for July 2021

16. August 2021 | 3.6K Views

The heat is back on the secondary whisky market! Prices for collectable Springbank and Bruichladdich continue to climb while our Whiskystats Whisky Index is pushed beyond 300 points. Here is the Whiskystats Price Update for July 2021! 

With the July 2021 update, we now count more than 80 thousand different whisky bottles in our database. Around 6,3 thousand of them experienced a price change as we processed this latest round of auctions. And what a round it was! The 500 historically most traded whiskies gained no less than 5,8% and hence our Whiskystats Whisky Index now stands at 303 index points. This is the first time our major market index breaks through the 300 points threshold, meaning it has tripled since its debut in December 2012. It also looks like we might see a continuation of the Winter 20/21 Sprint, which we identified in our May 2021 Price Update.
Whiskystats Whisky Index by July 2021 To shed some light on these abstract figures, lets take a look at a couple of the whiskies that actually drove this record-breaking index movement. There is, for example, the Brora 30yo 2010 Release, which is now trading for a not so humble 1.800 Euros. The Macallan Royal Wedding 2011 fetched almost 4.800 Euros, a staggering 800 Euros above its last peak from January 2018. With 2.200 Euros the Clynelish 17yo Manager’s Dram from 1998 almost tenfold its first price observation from April 2011. And on we go with new record prices for the Linkwood 23yo (1974) Rare Malts, the Ardbeg Very Young (Committee Release), a pretty mad 1.250 Euros for the Octomore 7yo Feis Ile 2014 and many many more.

Springbank & Bruichladdich

Among the many value gaining distilleries in our distillery ranking, today we want to spotlight Springbank and Bruichladdich. Over the past 20 or so months we observe constant and severe value gains for collectable whiskies from both these distilleries. Since November 2019 our Springbank index, which is driven by the historically 100 most traded Springbanks each month (including their subbrands Hazelburn and Longrow), gained a whopping 45%. Over the same time, our Bruichladdich index (which also summons Octomore and Port Charlotte) made 66%, although from a lower starting level. This makes Springbank and Bruichladdich one of the hottest brands on the secondary whisky market right now!
Springbank & Bruichladdich Indices Needless to say that we will back this claims with some examples. Take this old-style Springbank 21yo (approximately from the 1990s). Originally traded for around 300 Euros back in 2011, this whisky was available for around 800 Euros for quite some time. Not anymore it seems, as it now came in at 2.300 Euros. Or the below displayed Springbank Single Cask 789 originally bottled for Oddbins. Back in 2018 some of these 475 bottles regularly changed owner for around 130 Euros. Then in 2020 prices climbed to 250 and then 350 Euros. It now arrived at over 500 Euros and thereby perfectly mimics the performance of our Springbank index.
Springbank Single Cask 789 Beside the above mentioned Octomore 7yo Feis Ile 2014, for Bruichladdich we have to point out the Bruichladdich Black Art High Noon (Feis Ile 2015) which achieved an insane 2.300 Euros last month. The Valinch 10 (Sean Gordon) confirmed its 400 Euros price tag at it seems. At the same time the Valinch 36 (Gordon McDougall) sold for 280 Euros at while it only achieved 100 Euros at in June. For the Octomore 8.2 (Masterclass) prices varied from 200 to 300 Euros, a new record too.

Remarkable Trades

Already a lot of highlight trades but we have to mention some more. The Blanton’s Single Barrel 166 appeared on auctions again after until now it only was sold once in January 2011 for 70 Euros. Well, it now made 5.100 Euros which equals a 7.138% increase in value. The Tamnavulin 25yo (1989) Director’s Cut from Douglas Laing gained 700% since February 2016 as the hammer fell at almost 1.000 Euros. To complete the top three value gainer of this month, there is the below displayed Glenrothes SMWS 30.97 which made 430% since February 2021!
Glenrothes SMWS 2006 All in all a very entertaining round of auctions we saw here. Do not forget to also recheck on the value of your personal whisky collections which you can track on Whiskystats!